What do you think of the new website?

10/23/2008 5:40 PM




Rob (10/27/2008 6:58 AM)

Looks great...nice new platform.

Name.. (10/27/2008 8:40 AM)


Jessica (10/29/2008 3:33 PM)

Great job, guys! I love it!

Hog Paul (10/31/2008 8:22 AM)

How do I get on the Buzz Cam?

msparks (11/2/2008 5:02 PM)

what happened to redneck riveria directions? could you send them to me at mjsparks59@yahoo.com. love the show.

Hogman (11/2/2008 10:31 PM)

Why is your new website Blue??? Shouldn't it be Crimson and White?

Pamela (11/5/2008 6:39 PM)

Loving the new website....:-)

Kathy (2/25/2009 9:28 AM)

How do you get to the Buzz Cam?

Arthur (3/12/2009 1:03 PM)

First time/long time...I have been a 103.7 fan for 8 years, I`m a Black American 45 years old,and I talk to alot of blacks that listen to the talk show, and my question is, are there any black buzz babe`s? and have any black women ever won the buzz babe bracket, please tell me if any, and if not, what do we have to do to meet the challenge. Thank and keep up the good work 103.7

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