The SWNN Celebrity NFL Draft

8/27/2009 9:39 AM

Today on the Show with No Name, we had our 1st Annual SWNN Celebrity Fantasy Football Draft. This year's participants include Anne Jansen, The crew from KATV's Daybreak (Beth Hunt, Melinda Mayo and Barry Brandt), ASU coach John Brady, UALR coach Steve Shields, The Show with No Name and Philip Martin. You can hear the entire draft here. Here is the lineup:

Anne Jansen -
Eli Manning
LaDanian Tomlinson
Larry Fitzgerald
Donald Driver
Daybreak -
Kurt Warner
Adrian Peterson
Calvin Johnson
Marques Colston
Coach Brady -
Drew Brees
Matt Forte
Randy Moss
Greg Jennings
Coach Shields -
Jay Cutler
Reggie Bush
Chad Ocho Cinco
Santonio Holmes
Sully -
Tom Brady
DeAngelo Williams
Dwayne Bowe
Wes Welker
Peyton Manning
Maurice Jones-Drew
Andre Johnson
Terrell Owens
Philip Martin -
Philip Rivers
Michael Turner
Regie Wayne
Steve Smith


Majique (8/27/2009 11:41 AM)

Gotta say, looks like Anne should win this thing!

Majique (8/27/2009 9:05 PM)

2009-2010 projections based on league settings

Tom Brady QB Steve Sullivan 8247.92
Drew Brees QB Coach Brady 7906.66
Kurt Warner QB Daybreak 7817.12
Peyton Manning QB SWNN 7212.51
Philip Rivers QB Philip Martin 6301.18
Jay Cutler QB Coach Shields 6280.55
Eli Manning QB Anne Jansen 5466.77

Adrian Peterson RB Daybreak 3507.95
Maur. Jones-Drew RB SWNN 2978.90
Matt Forte RB Coach Brady 2966.61
DeAng. Williams RB Steve Sullivan 2927.89
Michael Turner RB Philip Martin 2844.69
La. Tomlinson RB Anne Jansen 2700.98
Reggie Bush RB Coach Shields 1540.05

Larry Fitzgerald WR Anne Jansen 2985.90
Randy Moss WR Coach Brady 2930.02
Calvin Johnson WR Daybreak 2597.65
Andre Johnson WR SWNN 2328.39
Greg Jennings WR Coach Brady 2245.63
Wes Welker WR Steve Sullivan 2224.90
Steve Smith WR Philip Martin 2224.73
Reggie Wayne WR Philip Martin 2074.98
Terrell Owens WR SWNN 1881.04
Marques Colston WR Daybreak 1794.11

Carol A Clark (8/31/2009 11:54 AM)

I think this will be great fun through out this fooltball season - especially with Ann Jansen and the Daybreak crew. I love the way Tommy includes strong women into this world.

Also I thing Sully show be the voice of the Arkansas Razorbacks - he would be loved similar to Paul. Always enjoy hearing his calls and would appreciate some all week.

How do I get everyone's emails as I just recently retired and now have time to participate on occassion.

Turning "65" September 6th and 20 year breast cancer survivor having walked since the first race when we had approximatly 2,000 and they estimated maybe 1,200 would sign up. Little did they know the power of women in the south. Love your show - almost always brings a smile to my face plus Tommy's choice of music is right up my alley. Christmas Carol....

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