Hump Day Happenings

8/8/2012 12:34 PM

On this Hump Day edition of The Show With No Name starring David Bazzel and Roger Scott, we survived another day without The Artist Formerly Know as The Outlaw, Tommy Smith. He will be back Monday just in time for discussion of a full week of Razorback football practice. We had a plateful this morning and there is no need for me to waste time in telling you that as much as I should just give it to ya. I have a lot to do to get ready before heading to War Memorial Stadium for Football 101.

The 'Wild Man' Steve Wilson taught us a little about the upcoming hunting season. It seems to me he has to do that every time he comes up because we just don't pay attention do we. His tag along guest today was Tim Sallee with the International Waterfowl Festival.

Promotions Director and funniest man on the radio just one day a week, Matt 'Baby Boy' Couch has a new sponsor for his segment each week. Mooyahs is spending some money on 'Baby Boy' Couch so he must have some important stuff to tell us. I tend to agree with them. While in the studio we got in a couple games of Matt-ch Game too.

What would The Show With No Name be without a mouth full of food, smacking in the microphone, trying to conduct a sports show? Exactly! Something out of the ordinary. I have to admit that David and RJ couldn't keep the chicken fingers and banana bread out of their mouths long enough to speak to our guest Shapoor. Shapoor is and Iranian immigrant of over 30 years who preaches the great things about this country we love and call America. Currently, Shapoor is treating you like the king and queen you are at the Frank Fletcher owned 21 restaurant featuring chef Donnie Ferneau. Shapoor has spent the last 32 plus years at the Benihanas. What a guy he is. You look up genuine, polite, humble person in the dictionary and it says 'See Shapoor'.

Not all of our listeners like what we do on the program and to them I say, thanks for listening too. If you happen to change the channel, as has been suggested at certain times of the day, then you miss out on such things as the ever popular Stupid Question of the Day for one. You may also miss out on all the talent that we have on the program via phone calls from parts unknown, such as our Elvis lovin' singin' caller guy.

Country Music star and Arkansas boy done good Justin Moore wanted to challenge David Bazzel in a round of Beat the Baz. So he did. J-Bird was in Nashville cuttin' some new wax for the kids daddio. His words not mine. (maybe not) Oh yea, David was a little taken aback when I called Justin, J-Bird. Every true Arkansas boy that knows anyone with a name that starts with the letter J has been called J-Bird one time or another in their life. Sometimes it sticks and they are called that for the rest of their life. If ya don't know ya won't know! So, next time you come up on a friend of yours whose name begins with the letter J, give it a try.

Not a bunch to talk about with the Razorbacks today. No, No, No. That's a good thing. We've had enough with coaches gettin' the boot, new coaches acting like it's open mic nite at The Loony Bin, players gettin' season ending injuries or getting arrested, just to name a few. But, there is new news up on the hill in the North EAST part of the state. ASU AD, Dean Lee, has been reassigned to more of a marketing man for the school as a whole. Lee will not be fundraising for the athletic department any longer. Some have suggested that it has all the markings of Gus Malzahn meddlin'. Others, and I fall in this group, believe it is because of 'Shirt-Gate'! A couple of weeks ago Coach Gus was in the studio and Tommy commented that he wanted an ASU shirt. Not to be left out, a booster to remain nameless because he may not want to get his condo business in Hot Springs involved spoke to Dean Lee via email and, BaBoOoM!! A black one for David, of course, and the pure as snow white one for me. Thank goodness we're not State Police Troopers or we might be in trouble.

I have an abbreviated stint on the program tomorrow. A date with the justice system is in my immediate future. I have been asked to give a short briefing on what I think can be done to aid the system in making it more friendly to those of us who really didn't mean to do what we have been charged. Wish me luck.

If you want to hear the audio captured during the segments that I mention in this here blog, look up on this page and click on the Buzz Hubb drop down window and click again, Audio Gallery. There you will find all the audio form past and present shows station wide. If I'm not explaining it properly for you to understand, then should you really be using a computer.  Hole up, Hole Up kid. I'm just saying. 









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