Here Comes The Judge

8/9/2012 12:01 PM

I had an abbreviated stint on The Show With No Name this morning. It was my day in court. Specifically, I was summoned in for Jury Duty Orientation in Saline County. I gotta tell ya. It was not anywhere near the horror I believed it would be. They will not inconvenience you if they don't have to. As a matter of fact, they try real hard NOT to. Watching the 'Your Jury and You' video took me back to my grade school days and watching the Mulligan Stew and The Four Basic Food  Groups films in the Library at Goldstein Elementary school in Hot Springs. And I got a free pen and note pad out of the deal. Do I love America? Guilty as charged!! See what I did there?............No?............OK fine!! But, be on the lookout for my next Short Film.....Hung Juror!! Get it? Never Mind! Lets just move on. This way please folks....

Before I left to serve my country and county by cleaning up the riff raff that I was once a proud member, the studio was visited by a few of our friends. New and old alike stopped in the studios of Signal Media on Cottondale Lane. Our old buddy Kime Eubanks was in the neighborhood and had a few minutes to kill. 

 Bill Vickery was on the program this morning. Wasn't able to hear his contribution but, I'm sure he made ya talk to or at the radio. I do every Sunday listening to his Sunday Digest show. That's a compliment.

  The only person that can put President Obama to shame in the Twitter world with total tweets count visited with us today. Shari Bales is a local lady that is gettin' closer to making an appearance on the NBC show, The Voice. You know the Voice show. The one with Christina Aguilera. Yes the same Christina Aguilera that has refused to accept my friend request on Facebook or cancelled the 10 year old restraining order! Good Luck Shari. Get me a shot glass and a lock of Christina's hair when in Vegas will ya?

 Razorback placekicker in the early 2000's David Carlton had something he is passionate about and knew there was only one place that he could go and get the word out. That place was no longer in business so he came to The Show With No Name. You might remember that David was the man that had to make an extra point after the Jones to Birmingham pass known as, The Miracle on Markham. Ever heard of It? Wrote a song about it.

 Not much more I can tell ya about the shizo today since again, I was serving my fellow American in the judicial system but, I will say that last night War Memorial Stadium was Buzzin' (get what I did there) with football talk and teaching.  Had a great time being there and working with my Sensei David Bazzel. That guy knows how to put on a show.

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Hoggiestyle (8/9/2012 11:38 PM)

Carful, I seen hem do sum things. Shut up Lige. He should have armed himself, before he decided to decorate his saloon with my friend.

Hoggiestyle (8/9/2012 11:42 PM)

I can't believe John Wayne is even in the discussion with Clint Eastwood. John Wayne's pants were always clean. Pale Rider was badass too. Ice, Ice.

Hoggiestyle (8/9/2012 11:50 PM)

Gotta do top ten cowboy movie lines.

Hoggiestyle (8/10/2012 8:16 PM)

I think I made Schaffer cry today. Sorry fellas.

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