Friday In The Bluff

8/10/2012 1:59 PM

Hello again Friday! Friday in Pine Bluff is where The Show With No Name spent our formative hours. The Pine Bluff Country Club was having their annual Four Ball Tournament. It's the 46th annual tournament sponsored in large part by our friends at Simmons Bank. And other than the lady that works behind the counter in the clubhouse who was obviously upset that the sun came up this morning, we had a great time. 

Tommy May and Robert Dill have always been friends to The Artist Formerly Known as The Outlaw, Tommy Smith and our favorite Razorback, David Bazzel. I'm glad that they have let me in the circle. Somewhat anyway. I mean it's not a bad idea to suck up to the head of a bank. Hello! Mr. May and Mr. Dill, (see what I did there with a show of respect....and I don't think I would get a lower interest rate just because I put a Simmons sign in my yard....that's not even really is it) I digress. Mr. May and Mr. Dill were not on hand when David kicked off the tournament with the coveted, honored, position of the traditional opening tee shot.

 Another thing that made the morning program enjoyable, was the former coach of the University of Arkansas Bobby 'MF' Petrino coming forth yesterday for his first interview since his dismissal. NO Show Prep Needed. I know some of you think that's the way we play it everyday don't ya. I get that. It's cool. Anyway, If you're like me, and I believe 8 of 10 of you are, the 'MF' was at the front of his name when he got busted and busted up for doing wrong and stopped short of taking our beloved Arkansas Razorbacks to the Promised Land!  Well, nevertheless, the guy has to make a living and he does need to cleanse himself for his sake and his family. You wanted to talk about it and we were glad to oblige. GO HOGS!

 On the program this morning we had the pleasure of having Clint Stoerner sit in with us all show. That guy is not afraid to speak his mind.  Clint was in no hurry whatsoever to let Coach P. off the hook so easily. I think Mr. Stoerner and Mr. Artist Formerly Known share the same thought there. GO HOGS!  

During all of this we were treated to a wonderful breakfast of steak and omelets served to us by the amazing Chef Jamie. Oh not so fast my friend! It doesn't end there. We got the 4 star treatment from a local massage therapist. And if I wasn't more of a jerk than I already am I would provide her name. I can't find the card but, will give out next blog or two. Boy that sounds like I'm really gonna look for it doesn't it. I will. It's in the back pocket of my jeans. Jeans mind you, that are in the other room. I'll get it I said! FINE! Wait a minute then and I'll get up and put down the computer and walk all the way in there for ya...........................................................................................

....................................DONNA INGERSOL!! Tender Touches is her place and NO, I Do Not know if she is available for parties. I highly doubt it though. She was great! Thank you Donna.

Tommy will be back from vacation on Monday. Have a great weekend. Talk atcha then.

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