Two For Tuesday

8/14/2012 12:27 PM

The Show With No Name was trying to make the world a better place once again today. Our discussions on sports, pop culture, and American flag etiquette should put to rest the question of whether we know what we are talking about. Make no mistake here please. We don't. But, what sets us apart from others, is we make nary an assertion that we do.

 It was a Two for Tuesday this morning. Before you go thinking it's because we were feelin' a little more benevolent than other times, slow your roll. We are grateful that you are listening. And we want to give all of you gifts and prizes all the time. Heck fire! I know a car dealer that wants to give away cars to ya and restaurants that want to feed you for a year! I'm not kiddin'. Am I? The real reason that we doubled up today is because we are going to be ransacking Graceland Friday and in the words of Sheriff Buford T. Justice when asked by his son Junior for hush puppies...."We ain't got time for that crap"!! So, we had two chances for ya to spend some time in Tunica, Mississippi with our Whale of a Weekend giveaway. The Artist Formerly Known as The Outlaw, Tommy Smith, said this may be the earliest a prize was given away on the program. I got that going for me. Which is nice.  The second time we played was on the verge of going horribly wrong! We had a female caller and I didn't think she stood a chance. I didn't follow my own instructions and attempted to give her hints. All of my stumbling around gave her the opportunity to google the answers and Tommy just enough time to nearly blow his stack! She won and we survived. 

 The Journey ticket give away almost went the same way. Fortunately, like some of you, Tommy drifted away and forgot how much he wanted to kill me here too. The first go 'round was a little muddied up with other caller comments on other topics. At this point I started noddin' off my dang self and by the time the 2nd opportunity arrived it was almost time for the show to be done for a Tuesday.

 The Arkansas Razorbacks begin the season in 2 1/2 weeks. Tickets for the Little Rock games go on sale tomorrow at War Memorial. Charlie Staggs came up to hawk the highly sought after pieces of paper one last time. The conversation also centered in on the debate of Fayetteville over Little Rock games. We have got to sell out the games in LR or the money men that run the whole thing will yank the games from War Memorial as fast as those people yank those pups from their mamas and sell to you in Walmart parking lot!

 UALR AD Chris Peterson called. Coach seemed to pick up on the fact that I said smoking cigarettes may play a part in if folks will attend an event at a smoke free facility. I will go. I don't have to smoke. It is easier to do it at a cold weather event though. That way your cigarette smoke can blend in with the cold breath. So I've heard, so I've heard.

 Some throw away topics included your favorite Razorback memory at War Memorial. If your like David Bazzel, you could say it was a particular game YOU played in. How cool is that. Of course nowadays many high school teams have had the chance to play on the field so a lot more people might be able to say that. That's cool too. I didn't play there but, at last years high school Kickoff Classic, I nearly single handedly took Bazzel out at the knees and swim move around Anthony Lucas so fast he tripped over my gust of speed wind!! Also whether Knile Davis should practice at full speed. The majority said he should as long as he doesn't get wait...what?

 And last but certainly not least. It was on flag etiquette. Mainly on when is the flag lowered to half staff? We still don't know really, because it's at the discretion of the president. It is lowered now for just about anything that might make a certain group of people happy and not all Americans as a whole for reflection on the deceased or the event. Used to be you knew if a former president, governor, or senator type person had passed 'cause that's when you saw it lowered. Look, I'm not sure even I know what the heck I'm talking about now. Lets try this. How about we lower the Stars and Stripes on every pole in this country until all of our soldiers are home safe and sound. Nah that wouldn't work would it. If we did that it might make us realize that their are men and women fighting for OUR freedom that may never come home. We don't want a reminder of that every day do we.

Please note that the opinions on this here blog are of mine alone and not a reflection of anyone at Signal Media. Please and Thank you.

Talk atcha Wednesday with 'Wild Man' and Matt............more Journey and Fitz Casino prize packages to give away too.

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Hoggiestyle (8/14/2012 3:09 PM)

Know you will delete this one too but wanted apologize for my fuckup on Major League. It's not Toboo, it's JoBu. Also, Jesus Christ couldn't a curve ball, not a fast ball. Sorry for that Schaffer.

Hoggiestyle (8/14/2012 3:30 PM)

Exactly, Tye. Men and Women are fighting. Not for OUR freedom though, it's the hardcore Jesus lover's foreign policy that their fightin for. We are free now right? Look, I know that most of the people that serve are mainly NRA members and deerhunters. Is a person wrong because they were born in a redneck town? Absolutely not. Are they wrong for not getting it when they get older? Absolutely. Hell, most of my family is from the Delta, which loves blacks, if you know what I mean. I admire the fact that you guys do charity, but what I think, and this is my own opinion of course, is that people should fix the problem from the start, not the end. Would God really let cancer, HIV, disease, war, and poverty happen? How can you say it's God's will when as this post appears that someone will die of cancer or violence? Shouldn't he have the trucknuts to step in if he loves us?

Hoggiestyle (8/14/2012 3:40 PM)

What can I say? Man, when you guys bring in "I'm your Huckleberry", who was promoting a glock giveaway for another kid to get a hand on? Isn't my peaceful commie veteran right to say WTF?

Hoggiestyle (8/14/2012 3:53 PM)

Like I said, fix the problem. Instead of donating to St. Mary or JC's checkbook on Sunday's, how about making all organized religion offerings donate 99% of their GOD funds to diseases and show that mofo we don't need no stinkin Jesus.

Hoggiestyle (8/14/2012 4:21 PM)

I'm sure my big mouth has been a problem at the station. I do apologize for making fun of pretty much everyone there. Just feel like you guys need a wakeup call from your easy/hard radio jobs sometimes. Just like you guys think I'm a narcissist, I don't promote my clothing. Not because some ferry designed it, but because I want the camera to see me wearing it.

Hoggiestyle (8/15/2012 1:24 PM)

Fairy not ferry. Sorry.

Hoggiestyle (8/15/2012 2:33 PM)

Chasing Ghosts by Paul Rieckhoff is better than a book on Elvis.

tired of your bullshit (8/15/2012 8:06 PM)

give the anti religion thing a rest, its your choice to think there is no God, its played out, changing your blog name doesnt hide who you are, go to fort roots and get some help. live and let live. just sayin

Phillip (8/15/2012 8:14 PM)

Here goes the f@$ck$&g poison. You need to learn you cany disagree with this guy or he'll pull out the DAV card

Hoggiestyle (8/16/2012 1:25 PM)

What is played out TOYB? Well, I guess to you the world is because ya man said so in the good book. Come on with it you fools. Just my belief. Phillip puts on makeup on huntin weekend like Chipper Jones and Ted Nugent and hunts them deer and duck because he is a badass motha fucka. I would rather pick up some T-Bones and load some sweet potatoes from Kroger. More value for the way you live.

Hoggiestyle (8/16/2012 1:50 PM)

I do have to say to Phil. Any place brother.

Hoggiestyle (8/16/2012 2:32 PM)

Just please check the numbers people. That is the best, most peaceful way I can explain this. God lovers voted against 7 different Bills to help Veterans. Praise God and suck it up soldier.

Phillip (8/16/2012 8:19 PM)

Here we go again with the over medicated blogs, what happened to the sports comments. Everyone needs to lay off the hydro and come back to sports. I like pain mess like everyone else but I leave the blogs alone when I'm high

Phillip (8/16/2012 8:27 PM)

Dude can't you tell when someone is trying to tip you over? You make it too easy. You take life too serious, your too easy. Leave the political shit at the house no one cares, they're just tryin to get you all riled up. Find another way to support our troops your too angry, people lean away from the angry vet, trust me your not helping your cause

Hoggiestyle (8/16/2012 10:38 PM)

Phillip. Hmm, hmm, hmm.

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