Wednesday Is A Group Thang

8/15/2012 11:44 AM

Wednesdays on The Show With No Name, is for the most part, the busiest day of the week as far as in house visitors is concerned. Today was no exception with more folks than usual ta boot.  Steve 'Wild Man' Wilson brought what David Bazzel would refer to as a Two for Wednesday. It makes all the sense in the world if you know our best buddy number 53.  Anyway, 'Wild Man' brought in Sonny Tucker to speak about the Hunting Seminar at the State House Convention Center the 25th of August. They are giving away 1500 door prizes. That's a pretty big deal right there. On the other hand, Clifton Jackson will be lead man at a squirrel hunting seminar held on the 22nd of September and they ain't giving ya nuttin' at the door!

 Matt 'I change the side that I part my hair on everyday because I can' Couch, actually provided some substance to the program this morning. No check that....It was sustenance! BoOoOoM!! Yea that's what it was. The new sponsor of his Wednesday segment on the program, Mooyah, brought us some burgers. They brought some healthy shakes I think but, I left that for the better than me crowd. I had a burger that was great even though it was made a few hours before the show. Now I'm not complaining.  I told that same thing to Jeff and Jarrad with Mooyah as I was stuffing my rapidly becoming fat face! It was brought to my attention by me that Matt did in fact bring some substance to the morning show after all.............Matt-ch Game!!!

The question of the day was about a couple of Razorbacks that were exciting to watch every time they touched the ball. And for one of the players, that was a whole bunch of times. The question was who had the most WOW factor, Matt Jones or  Darren McFadden?  Boy that's one that is up for grabs for the more fair thinking Hog fan I guess. I mean, I don't know if you've noticed but I'm not the smartest person in the world. No it's true. Lets be honest. I'm not the most ignorant guy in the world either. I happen to know that person but, I could stand a little more education myself. I digress....again. Anyway, I happen to be one that believes it was a WOW, for Matt Jones. Every stinking time he touched the ball he made the decision on where it ended up NOT Houston Nutt. Matt wanted to score on every play. Not that Darren McFadden didn't want to too. Come on man you know what I'm trying to say. I choose MATT! Is that clear enough.

 The Whale of a Weekend/Press Your Luck game today left a little to be desired. One more chance to qualify tomorrow so there is some hope we finish strong. 

Sometimes it's like I took the red pill from The Matrix and I know more than I should and I'm just about ready to fill ya in but, I can't because it would scare the living crap out of ya. Be glad you don't know what I know. Be so very glad.

Tomorrow we finish out the week in the studio and after the show we drive to Memphis for a Friday show at Graceland.

Have a great whatever it is you're having and I will talk atcha tomorrow!

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chris (8/15/2012 8:07 PM)

congrats on going to the redneck riveira without dringking, thats not easy, i go every year and i couldnt go if i couldnt partake. keep it up

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