Mark May Monday

8/20/2012 2:39 PM

The Show With No Name welcomed to the city and more specifically The Buzz Studios, ESPN College Football analyst Mark May. Mark has been a guest on the morning program for the last two years and will make it 3 in a row this season. Every Thursday starting on the 30th of this month I believe. Why am I not sure? Just keepin' it real yo! Before I continue with Mark, I can tell ya for sure that Harry 'I try and steal Roger's sports page every time I'm in the studio and was successful at it today' King will be up each Monday during the season.  I mean, Come On Man! the guy writes articles for a newspaper and he can't get his own? Really? It's just that when he does show up, it's like he doesn't really want to be there and has that look in his eyes. You know that look........The look that says I'm not in the mood to put up with your crap Roger and their flaring up this morning so BACK OFF! If anyone was thinking about a gift for Harry for Christmas, I think a subscription might be in order.

 OK, back to Mark. He is a very up front guy with his opinion. That I can attest to because of the look that I got from him regarding his thoughts on The Dallas Cowboys. It was eerily similar to Harry. He even pulled out a line from the movie Road House and said that he, thought I was bigger.

I just returned from the Little Rock TD Club and Mark was a very good speaker. He was asked about the Ohio State and Jim Tressel situation but, fell short of saying that Arkansas got screwed in The Sugar Bowl. He then turned his attention to the tragic goings on at Penn State that has brought that University to it's knees and more than likely killed Joe Paterno. He had to stop twice in commenting because of being chocked up speaking about the abuse the children suffered and received a full house of applause for his sincerity.

We enjoyed Mark May in town with us today. I think he enjoyed his time with  Thanks to David Bazzel for the outstanding effort that he gives to make The Show With No Name the best it can be with the quality guest that we have. Thanks also must go to Edwards Food Giant and Firestone Complete Auto Care for puttin' up the do re mi for Mark May.

Lets just end it right there and call it a Monday Blog. Cool? Cool. Tomorrow we have Bruce James returning and that is once again compliments of Arkansas Federal Credit Union.

Talk atcha Tuesday.

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