Elvis Has Left The Building........Or Has He?

8/20/2012 4:02 PM

 Long distance information give me Memphis, Tennessee.......population.....662,897....SAAAAALUTE! Or in this case........Knife Hand!!  

 The Show With No Name was in The Bluff City last week for the 35th anniversary of the death of the King of Rock & Roll, Elvis Presley.  We did the program across the street in The Graceland Plaza Friday but, did tour the mansion and went to an Elvis concert Thursday night. Yea that's right, and Elvis concert! More on that a little later. 

It has been close to 20 years since I was last there. The King and I have something in common with the place he called home. It looks the exact same way as it did the last time both of us saw it. What? It does.  I was a little impatient waiting to get in but finally calmed down when the authorities said that if I didn't get off the fence that I would have more in common with Elvis than I thought.

There were several parts of Graceland that I wanted to explore. A couple of them would require a little assistance from James Ballentine. With James making choking noises and rolling around on the floor in the dining room, I made my way over to the rope and started up the stairs to the Off Limits portion of the house. I would have made it if not for Ballentine yellin', "Now Roger Now!" The security guard grabbed my ankles and pulled me down the stairs without prejudice. She was strong!

When everyone calmed down we resumed the tour and made it to a couple of the places I really wanted to see anyway. The TV room is another place where E and me have incidents in common.  He shot up one of the TVs when Robert Goulet appeared on the screen and I was asked to stop sitting on the furniture! Then we made it around and up to the famed Jungle Room!  The Jungle Room was, well,...........AWESOME!! Are you kiddin' me! This was the first Man Cave. That's right! Long before anyone had ever heard that term, Elvis Presley had The Jungle Room Man Cave.

 Then it was on to the concert. 35 years in the making. Now I know there are some of ya that's gonna play the Elvis Is Dead card on me. Not so fast my friend. If Elvis is dead, what were me an 10 ta 15 thousand others of my ilk watching Thursday night?  EXACTLY! Of course not everybody could attend the concert. Tommy was struck with emotions as we walked thru the racket ball turned record room in Graceland. We left him alone to reflect on his Elvis memories and the joyful times past it conjured up.

I next saw Tommy the following morning, Friday morning, at the remote. As I stated earlier, that if Elvis wasn't Alive, what were all the folks from all over the world doing there along with us. From one of the original colonies New York,  to across The Pond. A couple from London were married in Memphis 9 years ago and have been back each year since. Makes since ta me.  A London girl that has decided to stay in the U.S., Claire, is a friend Tommy and David met the last time they visited. This is the gal that has the Elvis tats on her back. She has new ones now on her arm.  That's Claire in the pink. New York buddy is there between me and her. And oh yea we can't forget our host and hostess, The Lawrences. Bill and Doris own Delta Pest Control.  Bill is a huge Elvis fan and he and I discussed the Elvis Conspiracy. The one where Elvis is alive and well upstairs in Graceland. Why else would they tackle me and not let us upstairs? DUH! Don't give me that stuff about him dying up in the master bath and that it's too sad and too soon.Too Soon! They could double the rates on the tour easily by opening up the second floor. Anyway, thank you Bill and Doris. They are just super nice people that enjoy doing for others. I like people that like people. Especially if they like people like me. I bet if ya mention you read this blog about our trip, Delta Pest Control may still give ya the ten percent discount. (some restrictions may apply...see dealer for details....must be present to win....ESPN2.....for those that think young....by Mennen)

And I can't forget the group that traveled from Barcelona to pay homage to Elvis. They were outstanding.  I may not speak Spanish but I speak the international language of Elvis..........Knife Hand!! 

It was a fantastic time and I hope you enjoyed listening that day half as much as I did living it. I had a little trouble posting this over the weekend. Sorry for the delay if you've been looking for it. If you haven't been waiting on it that's cool too. I'm bettin' ya were though. You just don't want your friends to know you like Elvis. I understand. I also bet they do too.

Thank ya........Thank ya very much.


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