Liar Liar Pants On Fire

9/6/2012 1:21 PM

It was a good time on The Show With No Name this morning talking about what folks lie about. Nobody does this type of show better than The Artist Formerly Know as The Outlaw, Tommy Smith. And not a person can try and qualify an answer to that topic than Bill Clinton and surprisingly to me, David Bazzel. David Bazzel?  That's what I said. David Bazzel? Although he didn't try to cover up an affair. All my superhero buddy David would fudge on would be.....get much weight he just got thru power lifting. And if that's the worst thing that you lie about, you can be trusted in my book. For crying out loud. David is a man haunted by Zombies chasing him in his dreams! And the only thing he may have lied......or as he Clinton-ed it......embellished about, is the  weightlifting.  Character, Honesty, and Integrity. That's David Bazzel. I'm Roger Scott and I approve this message. Now on the other hand, Tommy lies every day about my texting while driving and I have lied 4 and 1/2 times in this here blog already. Callers said that age, weight, salary, are the most common lies told. One that we all, and I mean ALL OF US are guilty of involves our cell phones. It's either,"I had my ringer off" or "I'm going thru a tunnel". That tunnel one is my favorite to use. I've used that one on I-30. The funniest to me was from the Live Fan Feedback. Dan in Little Rock says, he lies about seeing a movie when asked. "Have you seen the new Spider Man?" YES! And it was awesome! That part where Spidey uses his hand web thing to swing around the city buildings and he likes that girl, Mary Jane. Yea that was my favorite part" LIAR!!!  WTFREAK!!

 OK we did talk sports with Washington Redskin, Mark May

 Beat the Baz was on the table today. You could tell Baz was still tired from the Zombie chase the first game. But, our favorite Razorback was back to Bull in the Ring status by the time the 2nd game came around.

 Chrissy Jennings Chatham from Youth Home stopped in with some healthy fried oatmeal, nut, banana, blueberry, and other stuff in it, breakfast. Healthy and good? Who woulda thunk that.  

Tomorrow we broadcast LIVE from the Paul Eells Golf Tourney. Herm Edwards on the phone. And it's Friday. Fugetaboutit!   

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