A post National Signing Day type of day

2/7/2013 11:26 AM

Well the hangover from National Signing Day somewhat set in today on the SWNN. Hog fans are still hoping that 5 star runningback Alex Collins will head to the Natural State (providing that he can get his Letter of Intent back from his mother). We had Trey Biddy from Hawgsports.com to break the entire class and Alex Collins.

Also today, we tried to identify the BEST Beatles song of all time. Now granted it was rather tough for me (RJ) to talk about this since I could only name Ringo, but we got it done. We want to thank everyone for calling in and adding to the conversation (including the 15 year old girl that named all their songs and every band member).

Tomorrow it's FRIDAY!! We will have one of the replacement officials on the show to talk about his experience in the NFL. The crazy thing is that he lives in Benton. We will be qualifying 1 lucky listener for the Dodge Dart from Fletcher Dodge Chrysler and Jeep as well as give away WWE tickets!

Thanks for listening to the Show With No Name with Tommy, David, and myself!



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