Wrestlers, Fatties, and TV Shows

2/12/2013 10:56 AM

Now that is a heck of a title for a blog isn't it. Well folks that's what we covered on the SWNN today!

WWE Wrestler Mark Henry, aka World's Strongest Man, came in studio to talk about tonight's WWE Smackdown event at Verizon Arena. Of Course, Baz talked smack about some of the wrestlers and I thought Mark was going to body slam him. All is well though. Make sure to go to verizonarena.com and get your tickets before they sell out!

We went from having the world's strongest man on the show to having one of the state's smartest kids. Yep we had Jeopardy contestant Leonard Cooper call in to talk about his time in LA. Let's just say that his IQ is probably better than most of the people reading this blog, and he is only 17 YEARS OLD!

Of course there always has to be a bit of controversy on the SWNN. Baz began to tell Tommy and myself that there is no proof that Easter was on a Sunday. He must fall in the group of people that don't believe we landed on the moon.

Not only did we mildly offend everyone that believes in God, but then took it to another level by trying to figure out who was the most famous fat person. I think John Candy was the leader in the clubhouse by the end of the show.

If you know of a TV or Movie that is named after a city then post it in the comment box. We ended the show with Dallas, Miami Vice, Boston Legal, Las Vegas, and Nashville.

Thanks for listening!

Tommy Smith, David Bazzel, and RJ Hawk


Lindsay (2/12/2013 11:17 AM)

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