March 4th

3/4/2013 12:02 PM

I love to learn. Whether it's rebuilding a small engine, wasp proofing the eaves, discovering the perfect setting for reheating pizza, or a new bit of trivia. Today is a day I learned a new bit of trivia. Today is the only day on our calendar that is a complete sentence. March 4th. Get it?! How 'bout that! And I can't lie to ya either. I can't repair a small engine. I don't even know what one really is. I could barely fix the little engines in my slot cars as a kid. And I never had a Cox engine car or plane. But, you knew that I'm sure. Well, let us march forth thru this here blog, shall we?

 Today was the first time I saw Harry King anywhere, let alone the Buzz studious in over 5 months. He has had a pacemaker installed, inserted, embedded, or whatever it is they do when they cut ya open and put in the devise that could have soil yourself anytime someone fancies themselves some microwave popcorn! In all seriousness though, it was great to see and hear him this morning. He is not such a big fan of college baseball, Razorback basketball, Harry says, is still a few years away, and the Hog football team should be ecstatic if it breaks even at 6-6 next season. I know I've been away from the station a couple 3 or 4 months but, I happen to agree with him. What does that make me? Wait! Don't say it! Nevertheless, it was fun to have the Dean of Arkansas sports writers with us this morning on The Show With No Name.

 On the subject of Mike Anderson and his team? It's a simple thang. How 'Bout Dem Hogs!! Man I don't care who you are or what ya do but, anytime you have a team that can beat the mighty Kentucky Wildcats you have to be enthused. I'm sure you're like me as well and wonder whet the heck is the difference between the home team and the road Hogs. I think we have the coach that is needed at the university to put our beloved team back on the map as one of the elite programs. Maybe not elite but, you know what I mean. NO! Screw that too! Elite, Elite, Elite! WOO PIG SOOIE!

Between Razorback Graffiti, a call from the always entertaining and enlightening Michael From Stuttgart,  and the continuous ban on Tiger Bait caller guy, it's was not a bad show for a Monday. No really I mean it. Rasslin' Man showed up. OK that last thing may not have been that much of a good thing.

Tomorrow on the show, we have someone else coming up to talk about something that they're involved in, in the near future. I know, I know. You're just gonna have to tune in early.

Tommy, David, RJ, and myself thank you for listening and making The Show With No Name your #1 station!


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