All Fools Day

4/1/2013 2:39 PM

 The Show With No Name celebrated April Fools Day with ya this morning. No we didn't do the cross town DJ switcheroo. That's been done and it will have to be after The Artist Formerly Known As The Outlaw Tommy Smith hangs up his headphones. He was part of a group of pioneers that brought that to this market and it's now left to the younger folks. OK I would have been all for it but, I'm glad we just spent the holiday having a nice, quiet, show at home.

 Monday means Harry King comes in to straighten us out. He looked a little rough today. It's like they must have upped his meds 'cause he was, WAAAAAY Up There Jerry!! He doesn't want to disappoint his precious grand-kids so, like the special paw paw that he is, he still put out Easter eggs yesterday. In the rain. Wearing house-shoes. Now the shoes are ruined and the egg dye is all over his hands. That's the only thing I can think of for him to snap at me. He did say that it would be a huge accomplishment for the Hogs to win 6 games next season in football. What?! Oh I'm for it.  And he has a better grasp at that sorta thing than I but, wow! Baz kinda talked him into expecting a 4 win season and saying that would be more realistic. I think Harry agreed. I was texting at the time.

  Speaking about our football Hogs. We really didn't want to dwell on the fact that one year ago today, the bottom fell out of the Razorback Nation bucket. Yea I said bucket. I don't know if that's correct but, it sounded right in my head movies so I went with it. Anyway, it seems like 5 or more years ago that the motorcycle wreck, wrecked our lives.  Can ya believe it? Speaking for myself and all the other little people that don't get the chance to speak, I'm thinking it's just because it was such a trying season that took so much out of us . And wanting it to be so over that we also wanted it to be a distant, distant memory. At least that's my theory. It's science.

Went to see the move, Stand Up Guys. The most expensive part of the flick had to be the salaries of Al Pacino, Christopher Walken, and Alan Arkin. A handful of other no name actors and that's the cast. Tommy bought the tix, David Bazzel bought the grub, and I brought 'Da Realist'. Wassup Mane?  Tomorrow on the program there will be some sort of effort to say I was asleep in the movie. LIES! I have sleepy eye. Haters Hate!!

Tomorrow we have a date with Andrea and Roofer Girl. I'm not sure what time, who will be in first, or if'n in fact they will show up. In some circles that might be considered a tease to get ya to just listen. If that helps you to do so then come on down. I really don't know though.

Talk atcha Tuesday morning.

Tommy, David, RJ, and myself thank ya for listening and making The Buzz and The Show With No Name your #1 station!



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