And The Winner Is............

4/4/2013 10:15 AM

The winner of The Jim's Razorback Pizza 2013 Buzz Babe Bracket is this years Sports Illustrated Cover Girl. Born in  St. Joseph, Michigan in 1992....Standing 5/10....With measurements of 33-25-36....ladies and gentleman....Mr. & Mrs. Upton's favorite money making kid.........Kate Upton!!  The game between Upton and eventual runner-up Jessica Alba went into overtime. With one shot needed by Alba to win her first championship, Ms. Upton rattled off 6 unanswered points to tie the game and wore out her older opponent and snatched the crown away from the 31 year old Pomona, California star of The Fantastic Four movie franchise, Jessica Alba.  Of course, as in any highly watched and heavily bet on event, controversy did rear its ugly head. And by ugly head, I mean the co-commissioner of the National Bracket, RJ Hawk.  It began first with RJ's friend and pet grooming partner, Chris Kane opting out of the local bracket, won by  first time winner Allyson Cortney  over multi champ  Melinda Mayo. But I digress. Chris voted in the big game. That left the number totals between the local and national off by one. Then Mr. Hawk's fellow high school football broadcaster, one of the top rookie golfers in the state and oh yea, most blue blood having man I know,  Trey 'Sand Trap' Schapp comes in and muddies up the water. Are ya following me? Can you keep up with any of that at all? OF COURSE NOT!!! And that's where the controversy crept in. This lead to RJ completely screwing up his count.  David Bazzel didn't help at all because he went into linebacker mode and stirred it up even more. That in turn caused the overall commissioner and The Artist Formerly Known As The Outlaw Tommy Smith to have a bad bad, in his shorts, in the studio. Not good bro! Not good!  Once The Artist started keeping count it brought calm to the situation and we were able to continue and finish with a bang.

Hope ya enjoyed the show as much as I did. We had quite a few guest but lets be real, it was all about the babe contest. Just so I don't offend anyone I will say thank you to Chris from Montego Cafe for stopping by. I will be there tomorrow nite. Loved having the adorable Chrissy from Youth Home up to talk about the upcoming Eggshibition. And To Alex, Ruthy, and Larry Pagen 'Renegade' for putting on the 2013 Thunder On The Green Charity Golf Bash in Conway this Saturday for our veterans.

That's gonna do I reckon. Tomorrow we are LIVE  at our studio sponsors business, Antique Brick Outdoors. Come on out and hang if'n ya want. Love ta have ya.

Talk atcha on Friday!

Tommy, David, RJ, and myself thank ya for listening and making The Buzz and The Show With No Name your #1 station!


Robert Whitt (4/5/2013 11:36 PM)

Glad to still be able to follow all the great guys at The Buzz while I am on vacation in Kauai. Hey Trey and Matt...I am playing the course at Princeville...check it out on Facebook.

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