One Is The Loneliest Number

4/11/2013 1:48 PM

The Show With No Name celebrated this Thursday morning with a lesson in numbers. The new movie 42, about the life and times of the great Jackie Robinson, was the catalyst in giving us a theme for the program. Tim 'Reverend Hollywood' Jackson spent the morning with us so you know we were going to talk movies. And guess what? We did. All of the discussion, banter, games, and or, stuff, was number laden. Yea that's right. I said laden. That includes the Thursday addition of Beat the Baz too. RJ Hawk assembled a 5 movie montage of movies that had a, well, number in the title. You get it right? Like The Ten Commandments, 48 Hours, or 40 Year Old Virgin. That was cool. No really it was. 'Reverend Hollywood, who is a wealth, plethora, cornucopia, of all things silver screen was loaded with a list of 50 or more of number titled flicks and read a line from many for you to call in and guess which movie it belonged to and you did that. Thank ya very much. The Artist Formerly Know As The Outlaw Tommy Smith, did his homework as well for Beat The Baz. All the songs had, say it with me, numbers in the title. Boom! It was fun as always. David is such a fun guy to watch when he makes his guesses. He did what we were all taught to do in school when we don't know something, You sound it out. That's when he is at his best. Just throwing stuff out there out loud until he hears what he needs to, to get it correct. It's hilarious. Like the song 16 Tons by Tennessee Ernie Ford. Baz knew the song but was stuck on the number. 13,14,15,16.....16! 16 Tons! Boom!! Kinda like Beat the Clock on The Price is Right. I love my job.

The start of The Masters is today and that lead us into golf movie talk too. Not many, if any, had a number in the title. That didn't matter. We are the number 1 Sports Station so, of course we are gonna talk Masters and golf.  Trey 'Sand Trap' Schapp was our man on the spot in Augusta. He went and lived a dream of his by walking the hallowed grounds at the beautiful course. The man had to spit but instead swallowed it back 'cause he was not going to leave that kind of his DNA on such a sacred area. Trey shared some great stories about golfers he saw and photographed. I have one of the pics he took of Tiger Tiger Woods yall but, it's too large for me too put on here right now. But I can say that he was right up on the action and has golf magazine quality photos. How cool is that for him. I don't think he has anything else on his Bucket List. How do I know Trey had the time of his life and didn't have a care in the world? He brought back gifts and didn't even ask for the cash!!! I have a pretty sweet shot glass that I'm sure cost a pretty penny even by my standards. Thanks Trey!! And glad you had a blast!

 2013 Buzz Babe Champion, Alyson Courtney, stopped in the studio. I'm not gonna say any more about her visit. Why?! Just look at her. I actually was looking at her on my computer thru the Buzz Cam all the while trying not to stare at her and freak her out. OK now I will shut up. I mean just look at that cute little thing.

That's it I reckon. I gotta get ready for the first Cajun's Deck Party with RJ Hawk.  We are going to have a great time and hope ya show up if'n ya can. If not tonight maybe next time. The Buzz will be there throughout the season.

Tomorrow we are closing out another season, the Fifth Season, at Oaklawn Race Track.

Tommy, David, RJ, and myself thank ya for listening and making The Buzz and The Show With No Name your #1 station!


Kent Berry (4/11/2013 7:45 PM)

You write well buddy buddy paly pal. I enjoy catching up on the show when I can't actually catch the show. Isn't that Alyson a sweetheart? Sometime ask her about the ole "squirt in the eye" episode. I felt bad. Totally unintentional. Again, nice writing paly. kb

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