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4/15/2013 3:21 PM

 The Show With No Name was back in the studio today for what seems like a long time since. It all started Thursday I reckon. Cajuns Wharf began their season of Big Swinging Deck Parties with RJ Hawk and myself hosting. Now let me tell ya something please. Cajuns doesn't just let anyone kick-off The Deck shindigs no sir. So for them to choose The Buzz to open up is a pretty big deal. And that's how RJ and I looked at it, A Big Deal. And we had to bring it. I believe we did too. We played a couple of little reindeer games to loosen up the crowd. And it was a rockin' time all thru the night with my favorite Arkansas band Tragikly White. Now I wasn't able to see T.W. come on stage but, I trust the person that told me that Tragikly White did what they do, ROCK! RJ will be out there again in a couple of weeks and I plan on hanging too. So, bare that in mind, when on Thursdays, your friends are nowhere to be found and your co-workers are heading outta of the office early. They ain't sick. They at Cajuns Big Swinging Deck Party!

I had to make my way down to Mob Town, The Hot Water City, The first place that President Bill Clinton picked up chicks, Hot Springs, Arkansas. Paul Chmura with Hot Springs Vacation Rentals put The Artist Formerly Known As The Outlaw Tommy Smith and myself in a condo. Please get your mind outta the gutter here people. I was in one alone and The Artist had his wife with him in another. David Bazzel was unable to attend because he was doing charitable work for the community. Word on the street is that Baz can't even walk erect! Have ya seen him walk lately?! No You Haven't Because He Can't Walk! I have it on high authority that he is actually donating parts of his body to science for the betterment of mankind. Did ya hear that? He is still alive! Who does that?! David Bazzel that's who. He is having 'surgery' on his shoulder in a couple of weeks. He can barely move it now to do even the most basic of things.........Hold on.......I think he's callin' me............Yea that's him hold on. Give me a minute....................................................................................

............K thanks I'm back. The poor guy couldn't even reach to.............never mind. Is there no end to the giving that man gives for us to live our lives better?! Anyway, if you find yourself wanting to spend a day or weekend in Hot Springs, give Paul a look at In most cases you and your wife and a married couple type friend of yours can stay in condos for as much as it would be to stay in a hotel. And the amenities you would have are great. For crying out loud it's a condo!

After we did The Show With No Name at Oaklawn for what was our last broadcast of the racing season, I was fortunate to be able to double dip and work on The Zone with Justin Acri at Tedder Outdoor Power Equipment. It was The Zone's installment of The Biscuits and Gravely Tour. We had a good time. The day was a very positive one for the Buzz, Zone, and Justin. The Buzz and The Zone aided Tedder Outdoor in selling 3 Gravely Zero-Turn Mowers and Justin was aided in beating me in a head to head race on a couple of Gravely Mowers. I will not file a formal protest disputing the Acri victory. I won't even bring it up because I'm a little bigger than that. Although my 52" Gravely was hampered by a restricted throttle arm. It's not that big of a deal to me. I mean had my throttle arm been at full capacity I would have at least mad a race out of it. As it turns out we were not on the same kinda sorta level. But that's neither here nor there really. Justin won the thing and I'm completely cool with the way it turned out for him. All I'm gonna say is that a rematch is in order or it pretty much is a hollow victory, a phantom win, for my buddy J-Bird Acri.  Jeez man let it go. I did.

Now getting back to today's show being in the studio. We were and it was fine. You give The Artist Formerly Known As the Outlaw Tommy Smith a weekend to do some show prep, fugetaboutit! David had plenty of time to hook up to the 'make your muscles twitch stimulator thingy' that he has in his computer bag.

 Harry King came in fresh from The Masters and The Arkansas Derby, respectively. He was in heaven at Augusta this past weekend. And was in such a great mood that he was more than ready to go play a round of 18 at Rebsamen with The Artist and me. RJ couldn't make it and David was in Benton, Arkansas giving the evil eye to a thief in court. You don't want number 53 to give ya evil eye. Just a minute I think I hear him again............Yep be right back.......................................................................................

.......Poor guy must be coming down with something. Back to Harry. He didn't talk that much about the horse track other than the fact that he wears a certain type shirt every year at The Arkansas Derby in memory of a deceased friend. Yea just when I think old Harry is as grumpy and mean as those trees that threw the apples at Dorthy and The Scarecrow, he goes and does something human-y.

Josh 'Got To Got To' Smith and Derrell 'Head Band' Young were in house to help with the NBA and all that entails. From Kobe Bryant being out with a torn ACL, which may make him all but done in a year or two, to the Miami Heat and OK City Thunder being the ones in the drivers seat for this years NBA title. That's still a couple months away though.

That's gonna do it for now if for nuttin' else the news of a bombing in Boston has occurred and it makes everything else pale in comparison. GOD Bless the victims and the families of the same.

Tommy, David, RJ, and myself thank ya for listening and making The Buzz and The Show With No Name your #1 station!


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