Tuesday Is Ladies Day

5/7/2013 10:14 AM

The Show With Now Name was to two lovely ladies this morning.  Dawn Scott of THV and  Erin Hawley of KATV. I know that may sound sexist, archaic, and or politically incorrect. Yea, that's about right. It's May and May is Sweeps Week in the biz. So, where better for the hard nosed journalist to get the word out about their hot topics than to bring their hotness.....er....uh themselves, than to the hottest morning show around. Dawn will have a piece on The West Memphis 3 and interview Damien Echols. Erin will tell us what to look for when we purchase our groceries. With the stuff that they inject and fertilize with it's no wonder RJ Hawk has an extra ankle growing on his lower back. Hey Everybody!!   Of course we were missing our very on hottie David Bazzel this morning.  Our favorite Razorback did not have a very comfortable night in his rented chair. He decided that he would take an extra dosage of medicine and stay home. People the man left so much of himself on the field for us Hog fans that he can barely make it through a day without being in pain. I say Thank You David Bazzel!

The Artist Formerly Known As The Outlaw Tommy Smith got the pews slightly up in arms with his innocent bashing of televangelist Joel Olsteen. The Artist just doesn't believe that a man of GOD should be making that kind of money preaching. I disagreed with him on that one. I further believe that most churches whether local or worldwide provide more than the outsider, which includes me, truly know. And that's all I'm gonna say about that.

Fortunately, the Lady TV Anchors rescued us from further discussion on the matter with a game of Battle of the Sexes. We were also laying the groundwork for Best Burger in the State with a few suggestions. Heck Fire and Brimstone! There are a couple of them in my neck of the Saline County woods.

Gone With The Wind, Of Mice And Men, Snow White. These are just a few of the classic books that have been made into even more classic movies. Count the latest paperback of Wade Rivers, Thriller Vision among them. (that's the hope of Wade and his many fans anyway)  Wade was in studio with us yesterday and filled us in on the story. Check out all of his works at www.waderivers.com. Wade says his next book will be about a former football player that has changed the lives of everyone that he comes in contact with and takes no credit. ring any bells?

Tommy, David, RJ, and myself thank ya for listening and making The Buzz and The Show With No Name your #1 station!


Gloria (5/17/2014 6:25 PM)

I picked up Mr. Rivers' boom at Books a Million, and I could not finish it. What a mess! That's what I get for wasting my hard earned money on a self published " author ". We're y'all paid to plug him ?

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