Daly Day In Dardanelle

5/30/2013 12:37 PM

The Show With No Name was in The River Valley this morning. We were broadcasting LIVE from The Lions Den. The Den is the home of Arkansas Razorback and PGA champion John Patrick Daly.  This weekend is the 22nd annual golf tourney benefiting the local Boys and Girls Club. This morning we had a great time as always I'm telling ya. The great time was due to equal parts of Daly speaking freely and the guest/celebs that we had on the phone. Ya know what? It was also because of the talent that was in the 'smoking room' of the club house. The talent of Rocky and Christian of the band DownDay. Mister Lucky lead stud Jocko Deal was on hand to play a new game called, 'Stump Jocko Deal'. What?! It was a game thought of on the fly by David Bazzel and that's the working title OK. Anyway it was a success. We may make it a weekly feature. That being said we probably will never do it again! And Jocko will be at Denton's Trotline every Thursday in June and I plan on seeing him and getting guitar lessons! Yea that's right. Oh and the talent from Hot Springs that made breakfast was amazing too. John Dean from H.S. bar Crosswalk and Danny Smith, who by the way is a LR fireman, whipped up some eggs, bacon, gravy, and some biscuits that would have made the old western trail cook named, Cookie, proud! On the phone we had Darius Rucker, Mark Bryan, Johnny Lee, Stephen Kellog, and............and...........shoot there were a couple folks that we didn't get on because we ran out of time and because we gave the wrong phone number to Head Band, who was up early producing for us. Just look up the names of the people that I just mentioned if'n ya don't recognize them. I'm not gonna do everything for ya. That's what's wrong with our kids today. Too lazy! Now for David and my contribution to the program, we did a bang up job. Of course that's just my opinion. Of course I'm the writer of this here blog sooo, I'm gonna toot our horn when warranted. David was up til all hours doing prep on our guest and bringing the major talking points to the show while I brought out the latest song for the album, All My Best.......A Collection of Love Songs.  The single of 'Big John' will drop next week when I get back in the studio. That will be just in time for us to travel to Memphis and follow John around at The St. Jude Classic. And despite losing the connection a couple of times we managed to have fun with that and keep the laughs rolling. Now that's not just my opinion that comes from the top.

We will be on the road again tomorrow. It's the end of the month and we will be at Fletcher Dodge. Yes there will be deals a flowing in Sherwood. If I don't have to make a family trip this weekend I may attend the Daly tournament on Saturday nite. And DO NOT FORGET PLEASE that we will be traveling to Oklahoma in a convoy on Monday to deliver all the water that we can gather up and get. Bring the water to the station on Monday between 6-10 am. Stick around if ya want to go along on the drive too.

Tommy, David, RJ, and myself thank ya for listening and making The Buzz and The Show With No Name your #1 station!


Bobby Petino (6/3/2013 3:40 PM)

Your billboard looks ridiculous!

johnny (6/9/2013 5:57 PM)

one day u guys should count the number of huhhhhhhs tommy says in a show.

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