Zippity Do Da

6/12/2013 2:38 PM

 The Show With No Name has done it again. What's that you ask? Glad ya did. Gone where no other radio morning show has gone. No other morning show in this state anyway.  We went Zip Lining. Is that the way to say it? We went down I-30 West into Hot Spring County until we got to Exit 97. We took that and about 5 miles or so turned right on a dirt road and then spent the next 3 hours in the middle of nowhere with Bruce, Tony, and Cindy Smith of Zip Lines at Ouachita Bend. Now being afraid of heights you would think that I would stay away from people, places, and things that would put me in situation where my fear is taunted. But, I have never, ever said I was a brilliant man. When you are 1000 feet above the ground, hanging on a cable that will and can travel at up to 50 mph where you could slam into a tree if the guy on the other end with the wooden break thingy has a heart attack or an itch, I ask ya, is that smart? On top of the fact that I watched the Sylvester Stallone movie Cliffhanger! And that old phrase or saying, that the first step is always the hardest, is alive and well when ya go attempting Zip Lines. It's not on my Bucket List to do again. Actually I don't have a Bucket List. Why in the heck would ya want a list of things to do things and if ya don't get to do them or get around to doing them you might start feeling sad that you didn't get to do them. It was a blast and I recommend that you that have a list, like that bucket one, give it a go. SCARRRRRRRRY!!!!!

 After a day in the woods it was time to hit the asphalt jungle of Garland County. We started our 2013 Tour of the Natural State where it started last year and where I hope it starts every year, Magic Springs and Crystal Falls Water and Theme Park. Brother did we have a good time this morning. Thanks to Dana Whisenhunt and Steve Honeycutt and the rest of the staff that got up a tad earlier than usual to accommodate us radio nitwits by feeding us and preppin' the rides so we could feel more important than we really are. Of course the genius part of me was nowhere to be found when it was time to get on the Thrill Rides. No not the kiddie rides or the ones that stay on the ground or that just barley rise a little or are water related no, the Thrill Rides are the ones that take you hundreds of feet in the air and twist and turn and flip and flop and do it all again going backwards before it comes to a halt! After screaming for my mama from start to finish, when it is done I'm glad I did it. And even better than last year I kept my eyes open the whole entire time on The Gauntlet!! For a fella that is scared of his own dang shadow and all dogs that aren't mine, I made some major steps toward............nothing. I'm still afraid of heights and think mean people suck. But, if getting over fears and phobias can be obtained by repeatedly doing same said such activity, then I'm on my way to recovery 'cause I kicked a couple of them square off in the morning we are in the studio and it's only up one fight of stairs. Yall join us if'n ya can.

Tommy, David, RJ, and myself thank ya for listening and making The Buzz and The Show With No Name your #1 station!


Cindy Smith (6/12/2013 9:18 PM)

Thanks for coming out to the Zip Lines at Ouachita Bend. It was great to have you guys, and we look forward to you all coming again! ZIP ON!!!

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