6/21/2013 11:08 AM

The Show With No Name was LIVE and on location at the newest member in the Frank Fletcher Fleet Family, Fletcher Kia at 4600 South University. We spent the morning with Brent Lobanoff and the team he assembled at this 20 acre mega lot! I would not be surprised if there is a roller coaster or petting zoo at this location soon. Heck fire and brimstone it's big enough!  OK I'll get to the sports discussion in a second. Just hold your horses. There really wasn't that much but, we tried for ya. I mean we are a sports station. Check that. Lets be truthful. We are THE sports station. Anyway, real quick. when Frank Fletcher has The Show with No Name come for a morning visit, you can bet he is gonna throw in a couple of extra, outta the box deals. He did not disappoint. I'ma thinking that the deals will go thru the weekend so, make sure you ask about The Show With No Name deal. There was a 42 inch flat screen TV and a meal at all three of his restaurants in it for ya. Frank Fletcher Kia of Little Rock 4600 S. University Avenue Little Rock, AR 72204 Sales:(877) 586-2403

So now lets get down to the the other stuff that you have come to expect from the number one morning show in the center of the natural state. Now some of what was in that last statement may or may not be totally accurate. You do the deciphering on which. It's a no brainer that we talked about the only thing that was worthy of speaking on and that was Justin Acre's guest on The Zone yesterday saying that The Arkansas Razorback football team going 7-5.  Who wouldn't take that right friggin' now?! Hey! You remember us talking about National Championship team last year? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Just as that convo was getting real good...........BOOM!............NBA Finals Game 7 reared its head. I've said it before but, it bears repeating...Number 1....I was on the Lebron bandwagon before the other fellas.....Number 2.......I'm the one that writes this here blog and they don't read it. Now that I think about that, it's pretty silly for them to not check up on me. Back to Game 7. We were all impressed with the talents of LeBron James even though we know he is capable of doing what he did, which was score 37 points and take the finals MVP trophy. Is he the greatest of all time? Well, the Mayans were wrong about the last couple of years so, all time ain't here...yet! Yet!

Next week we will be discussing, among other things, the Great American Vacation..............Wait a second......Before I continue about next week, let me get something off my chest. It's related to that Mayan end of the world thing I said earlier. There is a new movie this week and its called World War Z or something or other starring Brad Pitt. There have been a ton of movies and TV shows about the end of time as we know it and it involves Zombies in a lot of them. Friends, we gotta wake up and smell the coffee! These Zombie movies are trying to tell us something. The Zombies are not the walking dead as in, 'come back from the grave or morgue'. NO! The Zombies are you, me, your neighbor, your neighbors kid. Especially your neighbors kid! Anyway, we are the Zombies that believe that our officials are doing what's best for us and our country, but in truth, want us to go around and eat each other, keep the same clothes on forever, never bath, and have a horrible limp that seems to never get better! What The Freak! Just saying. (the preceding Zombie/Government statements are not endorsed by or shared by any other person employed by Signal Media) But they should be! (sorry neither was that comment) I told ya it was a loooong week. Oh and next week we will talk about our Top 3 Sports Bucket List events we want to attend. That'll be nice and fluffy won't it.

Have a great weekend will ya.

Tommy, David, RJ, and myself thank ya for listening and making The Buzz and The Show With No Name your #1 station




Wendy (6/21/2013 9:34 PM)

Just wanted to say Hey...and tell you again how much I love the show! I'm also enjoying reading your blog!! You guys make my drive in each morning bearable. Have a great weekend!

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