Back To The Future

6/26/2013 3:58 PM

 Okie Dokie Marty! The Show With No Name didn't have a 1981 DeLorean DMC-12. Didn't need it really. We went back in time using the Buzz truck today. Actually, it was yesterday. And did ya know that all we had to do was drive a couple hours to beautiful Mountain View, Arkansas...........population.......4 less than there was this morning....SAAAAAAALUTE!! You wanna talk about an easy pace way of life? Well the part of that area of our wonderful state, that we were privileged to be a part of, was a great representation of that for sure. We got the OK to stay at The Ozark Folk Center State Park from Grady Span. Ya see Grady is the Superintendent for that park. There are a few more that fall under him and we will visit them too. He set us up with the group sales manager Jimmie Edwards and away we went.  Linda Odom and her husband Troy started us off with a lesson in Lye Soap making and type settin'. Retired teachers still teaching about the way things used to be. In my head movies I wouldn't mind visiting every now and again. I'm not kiddin'. If I hadn't used up all my retirement money for ill gotten gain, I think I just saw the place I would like to spend the twilight of my life. Of course if I hit that lottery I could still do it couldn't I. The friendly people just kepa comin'. Clancy and The Rag Tag Band played some good ol' Bluegrass and Folk music. Oh and Grady's daughter danced a jig while all this is going on. Sorry I can't remember her name and I didn't write it down. I know that Baz, Al Watkins, and my son Zac have taken a trip the past 3 years outside the state of Arkansas and are doing it again this year but, going on this 2013 Show With No Name Naural State Tour has given me a new resolve to spend more time close to home with my own kin. And that includes my immediate family and fellow Arkansans. I better say before I forget that James Ballentine went with us on those trips too. Well if'n I didn't I shore would hear 'bout it. Sometimes he can be like a woman in her 9th month of pregnancy in the middle of August! No I'm just kiddin'. Am I? But anyway, we have such a wonderful state that millions come to visit every year for some reason. I know they all can't be looking for Monica Lewinsky's blue dress at The Clinton Library. That's not over there anyhow. Is it? So why not stay home and enjoy Arkansas. I mean the Good LORD has blessed us by puttin' us in The Natural State to begin with and we don't wanna cross HIM now do we.

Oh my goodness I almost forgot to tell ya about the Mountain View Matriarch, Betty Rae Ramsey Miller. The 83 year old is the granddaughter of some of the first settlers of the area. Kin on both sides of her family made Mtn. View their home back in the mid 1800's. She got up and did a jig with me. Video of this and all of the music and goings on can be seen on The Buzz Facebook. Miss Betty was as sweet as ya can imagine. And I'm not just saying that 'cause I found someone shorter than me either. I wasn't looking. So there.

I could go on and on about the fun time we had. I haven't even touched on the fact that David and RJ went to a drive-in theater and RJ, 'fell asleep', whatever the heck that means! Or that we talked a third day in a row to someone on the Bennie Fuller bandwagon. Today's guest was Dennis Nutt. Yes that one. We are gonna get the, or one of the, more than likely greatest Arkansas High School Basketball player the help he needs. Bennie Fuller lost all he owns in the Oklahoma tornados last month. Such an outpour can't be denied. Nor can the cry to put Mr. Fuller in the Arkansas Sports Hall of Fame! 

Oh and if I can't get that DeLorean or Hot Tub Time Machine, wasn't there a movie with Christopher Reeves where he put himself in a hypnotic state and did some Time Travel. I know I saw that once. I think he died in the movie too. Or at least the present day character did but, the Time Traveled character lived long and with a hottie. WTF!!

Oh and we are on the road tomorrow so, once again, The Battle of Bravado or whatever ya want to call it, will be in two weeks.

Tommy, David, RJ, and myself thank ya for listening and making The Buzz and The Show With No Name your #1 station


jonathan shipley (6/27/2013 4:32 AM)

i drive a delivery route everyday to littlerock, hot springs, and conway. listen to the buzz and the buzz only. absolutly the greatest radio ststion ive ever heard. although i am from mississippi and an avid msu bulldog fan, i do enjoy yals show. great work guys.

B-TIne (6/28/2013 11:45 AM)

Really Roger?...Really?

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