7/16/2013 11:58 AM

 The chant heard thru out the lobby of the hotel hosting the SEC Media Days? Baz an Schap! Baz an Schap! Hoover, Alabama will never be the same after David Bazzel and Trey Schap get done with it. Oh what the heck am I saying that for. David Bazzel is as good as it gets and other than a few apps on his IPhone that I believe are illegal, can't say anything towards his character. Trey Schap, for the most part, is harmless when ya get right down to it too but, I would not want to be the cleaning staff employee that comes across any of the towels or wash clothes on the floor of his hotel room. Guarantee he does not hang any up to reuse and preserve water! David and Trey were and are at the event for The Buzz. As DB has stated, they are pressing the the flesh and lining up guests for The Show With No Name and Overtime, respectively. No two better guys to get that done than those fellas. To intice potential guests, David was heard throwing out, David Bazzel with The Broyles Award and 1037 The Buzz. Trey was heard playing the intro to his Overtime program and giving out pars and bogeys. Both of their tactics worked flawlessly. They grabbed and we spoke with two of ESPN U college football analyst, Matt Stinchcomb and Dori Nowkhah. When asked about the Hogs this year, both of the fellas opined that they were surprised at the hire, in a good way, of Arkansas head coach Bret Bielema, and that we should be better than we were last year. That's not a stretch considering that last season we felt like some of the guys that hear Maury Povich say 'You are the father!' BOOOOM! Right in the gut! 

The Artist Formerly Known As The Outlaw Tommy Smith was commissioned to come up with some trivia centered around the profiled teams of South Carolina, Alabama, Ole Miss, and......and......Tennessee?......Florida? Yea I'm positive that Florida might be right! Crap I can't remember but, I do know that he did a bang up job. Hats off and as Randy Rainwater might say, Kudas. Never gets old. Interesting stuff that just sets up the rest of the week for more trivia fun. Here's one that I like. Might come in handy at your next tailgate party or AA meeting. Name the only man to ever be head coach at Arkansas and Alabama. I'm not gonna just give it to ya for two reasons. (1) Because I want you to stimulate your brain and make it work a tad more than normal and (2) I might be wrong. No screw that. It's Joe Kines. You're welcome but don't blame me for your mushy brain.

The Artist also asked us to put together the Top 5 college football head coaching gigs as of this very minute. All agreed that number 1 is Alabama. All also agreed that whoever is number 2, whether it's Texas, Southern Cal, or tradition rich Notre Dame, they are a distant number 2.

 Though our number 53 was out of the studio, we did have a Razorback linebacker in his chair briefly, before the 8 'o'clock hour. Number 57 for the Hogs back in the mid to late 80's, Rickey Williams. Yes sir! Rickey stopped in to shout out about a camp that he is involved in for the 'utes' of Arkansas at D-1. Teaming up with Anthony Lucas and Life Champs. To raise money for letter jackets primarily this go 'round. For more info and if'n ya want to help, hit up Mr. Williams at

That's gonna do this here blog for today. last thing. Did you see where there is now, in the works, television programing for dogs. Yes! TV programs for your Fido and Fidet! So the pooch doesn't feel lonely while your away making money to feed it and purchase the overpriced puppy pads that they seem to ignore and pretty much go outta their way to avoid and make potty pot right there on the freakin' floor BESIDE THE FREAKIN' PAD!!!!! GOOSFRABA.......GOOSFRABA.......

Tommy, David, RJ, and myself thank ya for listening and making The Buzz and The Show With No Name your #1 station


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