July Is 'Bout Done

7/29/2013 12:09 PM

Is it me or has this month just flown by? No scratch that. it's not just July but, the Summer is darn near over. August starts this week and that means football is right around the corner. I know that baseball is still going on but lets be real. who cares unless you're hard core baseball guy. OK maybe even a regular sports guy likes baseball. that person does only 'cause they're betting on it. And possibly because, as David Bazzel has suggested, the lack of English speaking stars has pushed the regular, unwashed, booger picking, John Doe outta the demo. I don't know what the answer is. And if I did I would see if I could make a buck or two from it before I told anyone else. That's just me.

The Show With No Name was did what we usually do on Monday and that's clean up a weekends worth of topics. The Artist Formerly Known As The Outlaw Tommy Smith, threw out several things to David and me before the show and of all the ones that the FCC would not call us on, we had two and had to come up with a few more. That part between your car seat and console called the 'Carmuda Triangle', was my favorite. We didn't talk about it at freakin' all! So the Top Single (single song) Selling Artist of All Time was the biggie. Elvis walked away with that and James Brown pulls in at number 2. That really is all I can remember from the show today that may have had life changing info in it.

Come to think of it I'm finding it difficult to keep up lately. I have a couple things on my mind and I'm finding it difficult to keep up. It's nothing serious. I'm taking experimental drugs for an undisclosed never before seen ailment that is affecting the mammals at the Little Rock Zoo and the zoos in our border states. I hope they find the answer they are testing for soon. Don't get me wrong now, I enjoy the extra pay but, I can't remem.............

Tomorrow on the show..........


Tommy, David, RJ, and myself thank ya for listening and making The Buzz and The Show With No Name your #1 station


Commie (7/29/2013 7:42 PM)

I'm sure Tye is taking experimental drugs. Testosterone shots lead to higher chances of prostate cancer. I'm sure Tye's size 5 snakeskins are affecting the mammals at the zoo. Just like Sea World locking up killer whales in a cage at night while they go home. Guts, glory, ram, Fletcher.

Commie (7/29/2013 8:01 PM)

Still promoting God and sex with the buzz babes. Even put an American flag behind her while she talks about her bathing habits. Pigskin preacher and the buzz babe should do a commercial for Fox News. Buzz babe should have an AK-47 in front of the American flag.

Phillip (8/1/2013 3:32 PM)

Dors the sight of an AJ 47 still make you shit your pants and cry like the last time you saw one coward?? What tje fuck is it to you who has what weapons? I it was for cowards like you we wouldn't need weapons right? You got all the answers huh, sissy boy coward liberal pice of crap! Lol! Maybe our govt should consult you since your an expert or so you say!

Commie (8/16/2013 11:02 AM)

Having trouble with the keyboard I see. Are you Jimmy from Grapevine? I don't have all the answers because I don't stand behind a pulpit and preach certainty. This radios sponsor, Bulls Eye Guns & Ammo, or what i like to call rednecks with little dicks, said the reason people need AK's is for female pigs defending their babies on their land. Some pussy if you need a machine gun to kill pigs. Phillip still thinks the earth is flat.

Phillip (8/29/2013 10:29 PM)

The world may be flat, but how would you know, you spend all your time feeling sorry for yourself and sucking dick for beer money

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