Fletcher After Christmas Sale

7/31/2013 2:12 PM

The Artist Formerly Known As The Outlaw Tommy Smith set it up perfectly this morning. He said that the best sales are always the day after Christmas. He is correct of course. You couple that with the last day of the month specials that Frank Fletcher and Mark Miller are gonna give and you have the makings of monster savings. It's the day after Christmas in July/End of the Month Sale at Fletcher Dodge Chrysler Jeep!! But don't expect to see a blow up doll dragon or whatever k. I was told that I can't even put the dollar amount on this here blog because, still at this time,we are not sure it's legal to sell automobiles at that rate with the discount and giveaway. If ya don't believe that, call the station and ask anybody about the tape of the show and I promise you, you will not get the same answer from any two people. I would not be surprised if Val answered the Signal Media office phone and acted like she had no clue about what you're referring.

While all the particulars were being talked about, The Show With No Name had to continue with the entertainment portion of the program. David Bazzel did not disappoint. He never does but, today he raised the bar again with the discussion about the paralyzed man in Trumann, Arkansas that was nibbled on by one of his dogs! Nope you do not need to read that again. The man woke up to a burning sensation in his gut and looked down and saw his fluffy little Fido chewing on his, self.

We found out that the Hogs are at 75-1 to win the SEC. Not the national championship. That's gotta probably be 10,000 ta 1 or more.  I say that the 75-1 chance is OK because, this is the 75th year of the stadium in Fayetteville. Numbers don't lie and this could easily be a magical year. It really could be a magical year for 12 people if in fact the season is less than magical and we lose all of the conference games. That's because if the Razorbacks do not win one SEC contest this season in football, Mr. Fletcher is gonna give away 12 automobiles, one a month, at his dealership! Holy Cow! What do ya root for? I would not blame anyone hoping the team loses them all and you get a new car. Can't say I would be too opposed to that deal.

OK I have to step but, thanks to Wild Man and Joe Huggins for coming in and talking about Hunter Ed today. Thanks to you that listen and call in and say how important the show is and how you think I should get a raise. No really it's cool if ya do that. I'll wait..............................................................................oh  yea....661-1037................................................................Thanks!

Tomorrow it is the Best Listener Contest!

And do something nice for someone will ya.

Tommy, David, RJ, and myself thank ya for listening and making The -Buzz and The Show With No Name your #1 station


Chris from sherwood (8/1/2013 3:35 PM)

Good show the last couple days, I figure fletcher is safe with his "bet" about te razorbacks. I enjoy the show and look forward to listening every morning on the way to work.

Art (12/2/2013 3:07 PM)

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