Beach Fest 2013 & Elvis

8/16/2013 11:51 AM

 Well it's been a couple minutes or so since the last time we met. I can't explain too much in detail as to why but, rest assured, when the truth comes out the person that made the remarks will feel terrible. And I hate that for them. I will still be their friend and like a bridge over troubled waters I will ease your mind. I have ta tell ya that I can't be too consumed with the hate of others because I am such a blessed man. I work at a wonderful place with the best group of people that a person could. Now don't get me wrong. There have been a few times that a disagreement has come about but, that happens in the closest of families. For instance, when I suggest to James Ballentine that he shouldn't wear calf length tube socks! It's only because I care. Or when I ask David Bazzel what it is that he uses bleach for when he never does laundry? We get it out and get it over. I have a wonderful family and and the best outside dog a fella could want. How can a guy not thank the GOOD LORD for all that?! As we blog and read, I'm looking out over the 21st balcony of The Turquoise Place looking out at the Gulf of Mexico listening to The Best of Dr. Hook. Yea I said it. The Best of Dr. Hook! Sylvia's Mother! Take that Bin Laden!!

DB, Shantell, and myself should be heading home tomorrow morning. But, before that happens we have a few more babies to shake and hands to kiss. The group of players and coaches that are here at the 2nd annual Beach Fest is a who's who. Herschel Walker, George Rogers, Billy Cannon, R.C. Slocum, Bill Curry, Houston Dale Nutt, and many, many, more! Having Slocum, Curry, and Nutt on just this morning alone was FANtastic! They fired me up and they did the same to Lindy Blackstone Lanford. So much so that she is having a 4th and Goal Sale at her Bridal Cottage Boutique! She was jacked-up!

Look, I hope ya have enjoyed the show the last couple of........................Oh heck and I just spent the past week in San Francisco! It's real easy for people to forget how truly blessed they really are. I'm as guilty of that as anyone I know. But please know that I'm trying to get better and boy is it tuff at times. I didn't know how difficult I could be sometimes until I had to deal with myself a little closer. Maybe it's the fact that I haven't had a smoke in 3 months. Maybe I should be on medication and I'm just not getting the right dose 3 times a day. Now I'm gonna stop Dr. Hook and play some REO and listen first to I Can't Fight This Feeling. OK now I know it's time to get up on outta here. Thanks for listening to The Show With No Name. Have a great weekend!

p.s.....The feller in the picture is Bill Curry. Why in the world do I stand so close when taking pictures with these people. It's like we just took the photo right before boarding on our honeymoon cruise! Get ahold of yourself man! JEEEEEEZ!!!!!

p.s.s.......I didn't even mention Elvis until now! We remembered The King of Rock & Roll throughout the show today. The Artist Formerly Known As The Outlaw Tommy Smith played Elvis bumper music and asked the question, 'Who is a worse actor than Elvis'. That's a trick question. Elvis was better than a ton but didn't have the opportunity to grow because Colonel Tom Parker sold His Soul To The Devil!!!!!!!!!!! I can see Elvis in the Godfather......."Imma make 'im an offer e can't refuse man'.       or      Back to the Future......' Well okey dokey Marty man..I'ts got like a 1.21 gigawatts man which fast as hell son'....   Anyway I don't think The King gets his just due. There. He played cousins in Kissin' Cousins. Not that they were kissing but the characters did to other people. What the heck am I saying here!  Again, have a great weekend!


Mary (8/16/2013 2:49 PM)

Roger you add a lot of warmth and fun to show! I'm so happy that you came back to the Show with No Name (although I am beginning to think of it as the "Golf Show". Love ya and take care!

Victor (8/16/2013 5:32 PM)

This may be the first blog I've ever actually read all the way through. I'm also very happy you're back! And since I come from a family of addicts I have always pulled for you in your struggles and am so proud you've been able to fight the good fight and now trying to conquer the cigarettes! Hang in there!

Terry (8/17/2013 7:10 AM)

Roger, you are the man! Thanks for bringing a common sense approach to the show. You guys are just great. Cheers!

Phillip (9/4/2013 6:30 PM)

Real mature you stupid asshole! Too bad you didn't get smoked over there! Your prob one of the dumbasses that fell down and now everybody is sposed to think your all knowing!! Lol. Your a joke! And an embarrassment to your brothers. Why don't you just gear up, go out back and put a bullet in your mouth, and leave people who believe in God alone!

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