Mark May, Wrestlers, and Beat the Baz

9/26/2013 11:19 AM

ESPN's Mark May kicked off the day of guests we had today! He gave his thoughts on the Texas A&M/Arkansas game, plus everything going on in college football

This Friday it's the annual Salt Bowl between Benton and Bryant. Both head coach's were in studio and gave their thoughts on the this year's game.

Thursday means only one thing, yep...BEAT THE BAZ. It may have been one the longest games in the history of the show. A winner was made and he will be enjoying the big game this weekend.

We also had TNA Wrestler "Cowboy James Storm" come in studio to promote his fight tonight at Verizon arena. Should be a good show with big time names.

Tomorrow we have Herm Edwards and Mayor Patrick Hays on the show.

Thanks for listening.


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