Who is the smuggest?

1/13/2014 10:54 AM

What a way to start a Monday. We recapped the Hog basketball game against #10 Florida. Harry King came in studio and broke down why the hogs lost the game.

Tommy asked the question today, Who is the smuggest person on The Buzz? You can place your vote in the comments box below.

1) Bill Vickery

2) Trey Schaap

3) Pigskin Preacher

4) Justin Acri

At 8:00, ESPN's Herm Edwards called in to recap all the NFL games. Who are you taking this weekend in the AFC & NFC Championship games?

And our movie guy, Tim Jackson called in to give his insight on what movies you should go see soon!

Thanks for listening!



Devon (3/13/2014 1:09 AM)

Thanks Vet. I was the one that called that morning and got cut off. No one is gonna stand up for us except ourselves. Thanks for your service too. Tommy is what they call a Blue Falcon and you know what I'm talking about. Tommy would get a soap party. We gotta take care of each other because all of these cocksuckers won't do it.

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