Is Ralphie May Arkansas' biggest fan?

8/13/2014 12:13 PM

Hot topic on the show today was that the SEC Network will be airing a "Greatest Moments" feature on each school. Well they thought it would fit best for comedian Ralphie May to describe what it was like as a fan to watch the 1994 basketball national championship.  Here is the video

"The Stars are Aligned"

Is he really the person you want representing the state of Arkansas on the SEC Network? I mean you have Bill Clinton, Justin Moore, Mike Huckabee...just to name a few. The program will air on the SEC Network on August 14th at 8:00pm.

Also, we learned that Baz has never gone on a 4-wheeler ride. Living in Arkansas, the man has to do this at some point...right?

Tommy will be back tomorrow.

Thanks for listening!


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