Friday's Picks

2/19/2010 8:09 AM

Today on the Show With No Name, we had our official Oaklawn hadicapper, Jeff Taylor on. For those of you that missed it....Here's his picks for today. In race # 1, we have the 1 horse, MISS SNOW NOSE. In race # 2, it's the 3 horse, GREUNEWALD. In the feature, the # 1 horse, PRADEROSA and the longshot is in the 7th race, #3 HIGH BROW HONEY.


Alesia (8/25/2011 11:05 PM)

Where is the Willie Nelson tribute guy performing Friday, 8/26/11, in Hot Springs? Heard him on the radio this morning but did not catch name of club. Thanks, Alesia

Mike from Mtn view (11/15/2011 4:49 PM)

Let's not put the cart before the horse. We need to beat MS. State first. As far as the BCS is concerned it is out of our hands and let the cards fall as they may and be happy for a successful season.

Nancy (3/8/2012 8:01 AM)

Plant some mole plants and u will never have moles on ur yard. They are a pretty plant that will come back for several years. It is a Castor plant if I'm not mistaken. It will have seeds that you can use to start new plants

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