Happy Monday

6/7/2010 11:56 AM

Happy Monday.....OK, that may be pushing it. We had some fun today. First, I thought I was going to be late because the DTE (Destination To Empty) showed I had 1 mile of gas in the tank. I blame myself. Thank goodness for Pay at the Pump. We talked some LR Film Festival. If you missed this year, try to make a date to attend next years Festival. Sure, sure, I had an awesome time because I was in the Short film 'Antiquities', which won Best Movie Filmed in Arkansas! Directed by Daniel Campbell with a cast and crew that made the entire process a blast. Oh, and no pay! To Be Continued....... Enough about me, no really. 

We had Harry King in as usual on Mondays from 7-8. He hates our singing. I know who don't. Likes his golf and loves his grand kids. I like Harry. I'm going to get him to read to me one day, or at least smile. Also, joining us today was 1st time candidate for US Congress in the 1st District Chad Causey. Seemed like a nice enough fella. Hey, he likes hamburgers, Elvis, and his favorite movie is Raising Arizona. If that's not enough, he told me he would check into Area 51 for me!

Tomorrow we exercise our right to vote in the Primary Runoffs.

We will have Sen. Blanche Lincoln and her opponent Lt. Gov. Bill Halter on The Show With No Name. No, not together. Are you crazy.

And Foxy Brown herself Pam Grier on the phone. She is pimping her new book, 'My Life in Three Acts'. She's still hot too.

Thanks for listening and making The Buzz your No. 1 station. Join us tomorrow on The Show With No Name from 6am-10am Mon- Fri. With Tommy Smith, David Bazzel, Danny Jo Crofford and myself.



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