Payday Thursday

6/10/2010 11:23 AM

What day of the work week is better than Friday? Payday Thursday! Well, that's money day at Signal Media. And I like it Jerry! Get up early and have that cup of coffee. Shave and shower before heading to the show. Call the automated  bank teller cause you're not quite finished and BAM!! Direct deposit. Take that terrorist.

Holy smokes what a show. From where I sat it was busy. Hope you enjoyed the show today. David Bazzel was down in Louisiana where the alligator grow so mean. By the time I write this he should be in the air coming home. We found out he was so tired last night trippin the light fantastic, he fell asleep with gum in his mouth? I don't know what to read into that. I hope someone at least put a blanket on him.

Rasslin' Man with his head on a stick and in all his glory was down in Gulf Shores Alabama with call-in reports on the condition of the beaches. Rasslin' Man has vowed to stay there, with respect to George M. Cohan, til it's over over there.

Annette Fisher called to for a minute to chat 'bout her boy. 4 time NBA champion Derek. Since she learned to text, they do that more than anything these days. Isn't that cool? The last thing she texts him before games is, " Be you, Kick butt, and Have fun" I call my mom every night but if she could text that would rock. She doesn't even have a cell phone. She tells me she's made it 80 years without one. God Bless Moms!

Senator Blanche Lincoln gave a shout to us from her D.C. office. The Senator had some business to tend to but she just wanted to say hi and thanks to our listeners. Did you know Mrs. Lincoln still picks up her hubby's laundry? I can see her to do list now. * Pick up ground beef for meatloaf, Save the planet, and pick up Steve's slacks. You go! 

Show With No Name favorite John Daly phoned in from the St Jude Classic in Memphis. JD says he is feeling good. This is the first time he has been pain free in over three years. I ask him this morning if he makes time for fellow Arkansans on the tour and he said always. So, if you are planning on making the trip to the largest city in Tennessee make sure you wear some Razorback gear so he can spot you. And tell him Aunt Bea says hey. Well alrighty then Johnny Boy......Grip It and Rip It! 

Last thing. Robert Denton brought some donuts and Mike Shipp. Mike has played with ZZ Top and Slash to name a few. Billy Bob Thornton even played drums in Shipps band years ago. Tonight, head down to Denton's Trotline in Benton and enjoy the start of the Voodoo Koop Tour on Denton's Back Porch. Located on the South side of I-30 at the Congo Road exit.

Tomorrow we take the show on the road a piece to Conway.  Live from EM Jeans. It's Friday so anything can happen and usually does.

Thanks for listening and making The Buzz 103.7 your #1 station. Join The Show With No Name from 6a-10a Mon-Fri with Tommy Smith, David Bazzel, Danny-Joe Crofford and myself.



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