Just Another Manic Monday

6/14/2010 5:11 PM

OK here we go. I'm sorry it's taken so long today. I left the station after the show headed for Conway. You see,when we did the show last Friday at EM Jeans, David did some shopping and must have thought I needed some new duds. I had to take the jeans up there today to get some needed alterations. While I talked with Larry as he marked them for hemming, Liz took the one I wanted right away and before I knew it she brought it back done as good as can be. I'll pick the others up Wednesday. Then I traveled to Jacksonville to watch my middle child Zachary and his Hot Springs Chili's restaurant team play a couple of games in a Chili's tournament. As I blog this they are one game from the championship. Go Hot Springs Mob!

On Mondays one of the things we get to find out is what the crew did over the weekend. With The Show With No Name it can be interesting. As weekends go this one was pretty tame. Crofford went to see the A-Team which I heard from others is almost awesome. David had a world wind weekend leaving LR Friday afternoon for Florida to attend a family members wedding. He said it was steaming hot and has the photos of his soaked self to prove it. Tommy stayed in all weekend and must of caught some never before seen episodes of Bonanza and Gun smoke because he refrained from texting me anything. I played golf and worried about the time I was going to have to tell my neighbors that one of the three dogs I was watching for them while they were on vacation disappeared. I also feed the fish. I kept telling myself that I still had three out of the four pets. If I was batting in the Major Leagues I would be the MVP of the game. Didn't help. I prayed all week about the safety of that tiny spastic Chiuaua. Well they took it real well but their young daughters and exchange student Talita were understandably upset. God heard mine and obviously their prayers because Peanut was found at the pound. Amen!

Harry King stopped by being it was Monday and that's what he does. We discussed Razorback Baseball, the realignment of conferences in college football, and the World soccer Games. Harry said,"Blah, Blah, Blah, and Blah". He evened rolled his eyes when The Outlaw was going on about recently deceased former UCLA Bruins coach John Wooden. I'm just wild about Harry.

We talked with Bill Madden via phone. He wrote a book about George Steinbrenner. 'Steinbrenner-The Last Lion of baseball' It's #11 on The New York Bestsellers List. Mr. Steinbrenner is in a wheelchair and baldly needed knee surgery a while back but, being a member of the Christian Science belief would have no part of it. Did you know that? How 'bout this? The owner of the Bronx Bombers also threatened to have the Black Muslims "take care" of player Mickey Rivers wife after Rivers complained about the problems she was causing him! Wow! That and much more in the book. Since Fathers Day is this week might not be a bad idea to pick it up for the daddy in your life. Just a thought.

Well,, tomorrow we continue picking out songs for Tommy's vacation CD and I will rock my new tight fittin jeans. Oh yea Samantha says she likes the way i look in them. I like the way she thinks.

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