Tuesday Is The New Monday

7/6/2010 11:26 AM

That's what happens when you're blessed with a three day weekend. Hope everybody had a great 4Th but it's over, kaput, gone, history. Get it out of your mind. It was fantastic, but it's done. For those of you still writing 2009 on your checks, disregard and keep on keeping on.

The Outlaw was back from vacation. He is holding back from some stories I know it. He went parasailing, got bruised up by the rope on his 7 foot craft, and got a pass from a Florida cop who is originally from Arkansas. Oh yea Jerry you better believe there's more stuff. David and I are glad The Legend is back with us. He almost brought back favorite color songs. We got him off that with tan talk.

What's tan talk? It's whether you undress fully or wear a sock (Justin Acres' method) when in the bed or stand-up chamber of choice. I tan nude. Am I alone here? Can I be the normal one?  

Day 5 of Grill-Gate 2010. David has seen a couple of grills he likes but, will wait until we have a new client on in the next couple of weeks that has grills. By the time our One of The Most Powerful People in Arkansas gets his grill the type of meat he prefers may be extinct. Good thing he loves tuna fish and water. :note to self....B.Y.O.F. the day you get invite from The Linebacker to attend cookout: Stop hurting your head from thinking the F is for FOOD!

Harry King was in today. Turns out Crofford told him it was Monday and Harry will fall for anything before he has that first cup of coffee and nitroglycerin tablet to start the day. Gotta love the elderly. I joke of course. But seriously, love the elderly. Seems our elder-ly statesman hates the LeBron courtship going on and on. Chooses tapioca over banana pudding any day. Love the elderly.

Oh, and here is a special treat hold over from last Fridays show at Oaklawn.

Tomorrow Wildman Steve Wilson and Everyone know it's Lindy!!

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