Ma! Meatloaf!!

7/27/2010 11:10 AM

I think it was one of the funniest and fun shows in......a week. Oh we are throwing it around these days. Talking a little Razorback football today along with some songs and Paul's Calls. We'll continue the rest of the week with that and what one Hog QB from the past 35 years would you want in 'THE GAME'? Matt Jones leads the way.

This morning Tommy Smith, aka Cookie and David "Is this non fattening gravy" Bazzel, delivered the spoils of war to the Daybreak morning crew. Cookie cooked 32 pork chops, 10 lbs of taters and black eyed peas. We all threw in something but that's the meal. They ate me up and spit me out before the whole state of Arkansas for my role in Putt-Gate 2010. Sorry you had to hear that Mom.

Celebrating a birthday today was or is for that matter, Show With No Name Favorite and Co-Star to Cookie Jerry Van Dyke. Listen towards the end of the piece when Jerry says Thanks Todd. Poor fella. Note to self. Update Pool, but quick! What?

I don't know where this conversation comes into to play but the silence heard if you will, is funny. Danny-Joe Crofford can be quite amusing even when he doesn't want to be.

Mid week slide to the weekend tomorrow. Lindy is on vacation but Steve 'Wildman' Wilson will pop in around quarter to 7.


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