Mount Rushmore

7/28/2010 11:08 AM

Starting the day off with would you eat a roach for $100.00? In this heat wave we're having, that's the difference between box fans and running the air. Yep, we sure did. That didn't last long because, thank heaven it was time for The Wildman. Today, Steve Wilson talked streams with his guest Jeff Quinn.

We climbed a mountain today. What a time discussing the Mount Rushmore of Arkansas TV. Boy oh boy Tommy was all over making sure Anne Jansen was carved in the mountain. I have nothing but love for Anne but, don't you think the first female on state wide TV news should be along side the likes of Paul Eells, Roy Mitchell, and Gary Weir, aka Bozo the freakin Clown? I mean come on! That set the tone for the rest of the show. We heard from former GM and top dog at KATV Ch. 7 Dale Nicholson. He does have some pipes and took us along for a trip down memory lane. What a surprise when we heard from the woman who is the basis for all the controversy, Anne Jansen. Actually the person who reached out first was her son Michael. This 10 year old was not about to let someone make disparaging remarks about his mother. Of course we didn't and never would. Arkansas is so blessed that there are so many wonderful people that have worked in the broadcast industry and Anne Jansen is surely one of them.

Tomorrow we have Hollywood insider and film critic Leonard Maltin.

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