Four Horsemen

8/9/2010 12:21 PM

It's Monday and the whole gang is back together. Welcome back Danny-Joe Crofford. DJC spent the week in Florida. He spent time and money on a gift for me. I knew he loved me. Having him back also affords me the opportunity to pass along audio from the show.

The Daybreak segment was funny. The video of Emmitt Smith at the NFL Hall of Fame was up but not the audio. I played Emmitt. We always have fun with the crew from 7.

Harry King brought wisdom, grace, and, well, come on it's Hall of Famer Harry King, you kidding?

Harry was still around when a couple of callers wanted to talk football. Two very different guys. Bud and James 'Son Sir' Calvin.

A visit by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. I thought The Gov. was off his game but what's a guy to do?

There was a great deal going on this past weekend and we had a time covering it all. Football, NASCAR, which Tommy is watching every week now,Tiger Woods just falling apart, and our trip to St Louis. David, me , and my son Zac are taking a trip this week to watch the Cardinals play the Cubs and watch training camp of the St. Louis Rams. This is Davids first trip to St. Louis and my first Major League ballgame. Any suggestions on what are a must see and do are most welcome.

I'm looking forward to having Lou Holtz Guy on every week. If you are not familiar you are in for some real fun this year. There is a chance we will have former Washington Redskin and current ESPN college football analyst and commentator Mark May. This is stacking up to be one great season and The Buzz is all over it

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