Hump Day Hunger Pains Fed

8/25/2010 11:45 AM

Whether it was food or pretty ladies, we got our bellies full today. Buzz Babes, Fashion chicks ,Beth Hunt, and Paula Gaye Montgomery- Swindle. Shoot, if that wasn't enough Tommy's favorite and repeat Buzz Babe Champion Dawn Scott, no relation,(I've always wanted to do that) got a birthday call.

Al from the Butcher Block brought in the best steaks and twice baked potatoes I have tasted since the last time he did that. You know the place is good if the napkins are linen. While he did that we laughed at the incredible remarks that NY Jets own Antonio Cromartie made. The guy has so many children that he obviously doesn't see very often that he can't remember their names. Oh, and by the way, three of them are three!!  

It's Wednesday so that gives us time with Lindy and Steve Wilson. Steve was all about doves today, Even had one on his hat bill. 

Johnny Reap was in to tell us about the Firefighters Memorial that is getting closer to completion.

Really had a good time today.The better the time the faster it goes. Starting to get more songs in for the Hog Tune Challenge 2010. Here is how it works:

Submit any original song with Razorback lyrics. Buzz employees are not eligible. By entering in the contest, participants will allow the 103.7 Buzz to play submitted songs at their discretion. Deadline for digital/email submission is 12:00 Monday Sept. 6 and Hard copy submission at the station is Friday, Sept.3.

1st place prize is 1000.00, live performance on the SWNN and the BUZZ UA/LSU tailgate party.

2nd place - Appearance on the SWNN and Buzz prize pack

3rd Place - Appearance on the SWNN and Buzz Prize Pack

Winner will receive a 1099 form for contest prize money at the end of 2010. Winner is responsible for applicable taxes. Rules are susceptible to change by signal media at any time during contest
$1000.00 is huge in any economy. The best of luck to everyone!
Thanks for listening and making The Buzz 103.7 your #1 station. Join The Show With No Name from 6a-10a Mon-Fri with Tommy Smith, David Bazzel, Danny-Joe Crofford and myself.



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