Bazz vs Bruce

9/21/2010 11:45 AM

Today was the first of the season for a segment called Baz vs Bruce. What were you thinking? A more fancy schmancy name? Well get over that real quick. You know who you're dealing with. Bruce also had a few comments about our Hogs defence against a red shirt freshman at Georgia and what's coming up at Alabama. During this same time David told us about some of the famous people from Alabama, Including Hellen Keller. My comments forced Tommy to play a portion of the worst song ever recorded. With all do respect Mr. Dennit to Bobby McFerrin's Don't Worry Be Happy

A very special guest was cosmetic surgeon in town  Dr. Yee. She made a bid at a charity event. Coming on the show was her prize. We also found out what she thinks of Davids forehead. OUCH!

The 4Th Annual Beyond Boundaries Mane Event is this weekend. Joel Reagen was up to talk about it. A young lady named Madison came up with him and sang a little for us.

It was a fun morning with more in store tomorrow. Wildman and Lindy come play!

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