Davids Birthday

10/13/2010 4:39 PM

It was a day just like today in Panama City Florida 1963. I can't find out what the weather there was so, by saying it was a day just like today I meant it was October 13th. I do know that it was a Sunday. On that day a future Razorback entered the world with a BOOM! H. David Bazzel. So many folks called in and stopped by to say hello. Pamela Smith sang to him. Keeping with a Ch. 7 theme, Beth Hunt dropped by the studio. Beth didn't sing, But lets be honest. Who cares.

Wednesday with Wildman. Steve Wilson brought in not only a professional duck caller. Oh no. He brought in someone that has won every duck calling championship there is. David and I had fun trying to figure out what it call made this morning meant in duck talk. We did pretty good.

You remember Corey Feldman? No he's the other one. Well, anyway he called touting his band and the new movie, Lost Boys The Thirst.

It's been great working with you buddy.  Happy Birthday David!

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