Thursday at the Theater

10/14/2010 6:37 PM

Last night David has his weekly night at the movies. He was so pumped about the movie Secretariat that if I had planned on not seeing it he changed my mind. If you don't know how the story of one of the greatest athletes of our time turned out you're actually not alone. A young lady by the name of Hannah called in to ask The Show With No Names version of Siskel & Ebert to not give it away. We also had the man who played Secretariats jockey, Ron Turkot with us. Otto Thorwarth is actually a jockey who was born in my hometown of Hot Springs and rode at Oaklawn Park for a number of years.

Mark May gave us his thoughts on the Hog versus Tigers/War Eagles/Plainsman.

Our very own Rasslin' Man was able to make a pitch along side Danny-Joe Crofford for a spot on the card in Florida to Mouth of the South Jimmy Hart. Hart must inject straight in his veins some of that five hour energy drink. This guy loves his gig and it shows. I can appreciate that.

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