Leave The Singing To The Professionals......PLEASE!

11/9/2010 11:26 AM

Tommy has been back a little over two weeks and David and I could be driving him to Screw-ville. David started singing a song, I joined in, and before you know it Tommys head is pulsating with pain. I was thinking it was a Classic Rock tune. We sang it again and it made me think it's some Hall and Oats. No not that Hall and Oats. The Hall and Oats that was hard core masculine. Not buying it are you. Fine! Turns out David and I were singing Olivia Newton John. What does that say about us? Don't answere that Tommy.

Tuesdays with Bruce James was not lacking in, well, Bruce James. He sure gets the calls, emails and fan pages hopping. If you will, He ain't skeered.

Danny-Joey as Mr. James calls him came thru with yet another interview with the GREATEST wrestler of all time. The man that DJCs oldest child is named after, 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin. It's Austin if you were wondering.

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