Malzahn Monday

11/15/2010 1:26 PM

Heard Gus Malzahn at The Little Rock Touchdown Club today. More on him in a second.

First it was Monday all day long and that brings us the wisdom of Harry King. How I look so forward to Thanksgiving dinner with the King family. He will be so surprised when he sees me on his right at the table. It has Norman Rockwell written all over it.

Former Good Morning America co-hostess Joan Lunden visited with us today. I was entering high school when Joan entered my life via the boob tube. She talked about a subject near and dear to her heart.

 Now about Gus. I have attended all of the TD Club meetings except one this year due to a personal matter. I don't recall more than a mention in the blogs about any of the guest speakers before but Gus intrigues me more. I suppose it's because he is a polarizing figure to Arkansas fans. As I sat listening to him I got the sense that this is a man that is secure in his own skin. I never thought Gus was anything but the victim during his time at the U of A and I walked away this afternoon with the same impression as before. If Gus is not one of your favorite people you have that right. If you didn't attend the TD Club because of him that's your right as well. I for one am glad I went. Who knows, maybe someday Gus might show us all what type of character he has and forgive us of our hate and do us a favor and be coach of our Hogs. I'm not rushing him in or Petrino out. A couple of championship belts under the current staff will do before a change for the long haul.  

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