.............Thursday Part Two

11/19/2010 12:55 PM

Here we are and it's a T.G.I.F! Yesterday we spent time at War Memorial Stadium. That along with other ad copy that needed to be done had Danny-Joe Crofford way too much under the gun to get that to me. But, as promised, he linked it up for me this morning. Th e Thursday show had our usual conversation with ESPN's Mark May. Some people seem to think that I am a little biased in my appreciation for Mark May because he speaks to me during the segment each week. Ha! Double HA! The truth is...so much more.....I have .....SHUT UP! Rasslin Man had another go at getting involved with the new wrestling show T & A. Mickie James is the first female wrestler since DJC started getting us these guest. Stay tuned because you just might see the two of us along with our handler, I mean manager, David Bazzel wrestleing on world wide TV. BOOOM!

Today the aforementioned David Bazzel took a little PTO to work on the Broyles Award. Well, he had much more to do . That's just the most pressing. Tommy and I missed him not being there but we tried to keep the good times going. I think we did for the most part. It wasn't all us by any means. Couldn't do it without you and our special guest. Football Fridays is all about some Lou Holtz.

Arkansas Attorney General Dustin McDaniel wanted to let us in on what he is doing to say thanks for your vote. And Hunter Bale came by and let us in on what's going on in his family.

Have a fantastic weekend. Be safe and come on back to The Buzz Monday will ya.

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