Twilight Zone!

1/6/2011 11:58 AM

What a trip we had. Not the trip to New Orleans. I'm talking 'bout the......?......trip back! David and I got back to Little Rock around 9-9:15 last night. That's close to 2 1/2 hours more than the normal route. Truth is stranger than fiction and the truth is we got....oh how do you say it...kinda turned a....we got lost! But it turns out the group of Hog fans that left the same time we left New Orleans got back about the same time. That being said, David and I saw parts of three states we had never had before. Included in this were two of our own Arkansas towns of Montongo and Little Garnett. Population......less than those Razorback fans traveling thru Lake Village.........Salute! Mr. Bazzel says he knew we were in trouble when 60 seconds after leaving The Hotel New Orleans the GPS lady started rerouting us. Just the facts lady, just the facts.

It's good to be home. No matter where you go there is nothing like your own chair or Lithuanian sofa for that matter. Crofford had been of a week already and I didn't see him while we were in The Cresent City. Tommy Smith is just, well, Tommy Smith and it was good seeing him and The Show With No Name back to the four of us being in the studio. If that wasn't enough Anne Jansen stopped in early and stayed the morning.

Thanks for listening and making The Buzz 103.7 your #1 station. Join The Show With No Name from 6a-10a Mon-Fri with Tommy Smith, David Bazzel, Danny-Joe Crofford and myself.


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