Who Knew?

1/19/2011 1:18 PM

So I leave the station today and Andrea the trainer to the stars has other pressing issues than to see two twice her age guys sweat and moan and complain at lifting what amounts to a chubby toddler so I head to my mechanic to the stars Dale Hurley at Dales Automotive. This is not a commercial but the guy and his crew are second to none in what they do. Anyway, one of the things they do is educate me on stuff other than that of auto repair. Dale gave up on that years ago. His motto for me...."Don't be dumb". While I'm getting my oil changed I am also learning about the Theory of Relativity. Racer Mike is trying to help me understand the speed of light and time travel. That got my attention because I want to do that. I suppose because of back to the Future and that whole sports scores of the last 50 years book scenario. One problem....you can't travel back in time. My only hope is to travel far enough in time to find the guy or gal who has figured out how to travel back in time. Now all I need is 1.21 gigawatts. Okey Dokey Marty. Did you know that the speed of light is approximately 186,282 miles per second? Of course you did. That I learned from my number two kid Zac. Also getting his oil changed. What I did know was the cheapest way to get your oil changed I also learned from Zac. Show up when dad is there and dad pays! Last fact...If you put a train track around the earth the train can travel around it seven times during that speed of light time. I feel like I have an ice cream headache.

Steve 'Wildman' Wilson brought his chipper self and a buddy in studio today. Lindy came in and has got a really big and exciting thing coming up that involves all of the stations shows. it will be very exciting and will put you the listener right smack dab in the middle with us. It has never been done and would be HILARIOUS!  Stay tuned for the details coming soon.

The snow is moving in again they say and I don't think I'm digging it like I once did. That not as disturbing as what I also know. That is that the man I know that has more integrity, character, and a better work ethic than any other, David Bazzel is sleeping of a eating binge of cake icing. You read that correctly. A pull top can of vanilla cake icing. I can't show the the photos of the KFC. I just won't!

Oh yea and yesterday I did not have the audio from Hot in Cleveland star Jane Leeves. As you can tell by the link, I do now. The last thing is this. I mentioned something in yesterdays blog. Go back and find it and win the same as you would have then. Only one can do it per show. Good luck.

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