Mickelson puts on clinic at The Alotian Club

4/22/2009 2:37 PM

Roland - Two time Masters Champion, Phil Mickelson, demonstrated his chipping ability behind the 18th green at the exclusive Alotian Club Tuesday afternoon.  He was there to help the Jackson T. Stephens Charitable Golf Tournament, which has donated over 4 million dollars to local orginizations over the past 4 years. 

Mickelson, known for his short game prowess, hit high lofted chip shots that could stop on a dime and shots that rolled out and nestled next to the hole. 

After his chipping demonstration he took out his 7 iron and tought the small group of patrons the importance of a consistent swing, and how to hit a draw and fade with the same swing by just changing his stance and angle of the club head.

Earlier in the day, Mr. Arnold Palmer was on the back steps of the Alotian Club House holding court with contestants of the tournament and patrons.  Mr. Palmer even answered questions from those in attendance including one from Warren Stephens who asked about this years Masters.  Mr. Palmer said, "Augusta is one of my favorite places in this world to go." 

I am hoping to one day witness "The King" starting the Masters on Thursday from the first tee as the honorary starter.  Who knows, maybe Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player will join him next year.  We will have to wait and see what the Chairman decides.  This year he brought excitement back to Augusta.

Look in the photo section of www.1037thebuzz.com for phots of both Mr. Palmer and Phil Mickelson at The Alotian Club.


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