A Wedding on a Fall Saturday in the South?

10/15/2011 1:11 PM

When Erin Lanford & Lindy Blackstone got engaged, the one question I had for Lindy was where would the Hogs be playing even before I knew the wedding date.  She stopped me before I could get the question out and said, "It is the open date!"

If anyone knows Lindy, they know she plans everything out with pin point detail.  It wouldn't surprise me if she carried her clipboard with notes and her trusty calendar under her bouquet today as she walks down the aisle.

Lindy is the leader of the promotions department at The Buzz and does an outstanding job.  From Buzz B-Que to Razorback Tailgate parties to the Southwest Classic in Dallas, everything is thought out and planned well in advance.  Today was planned probably before Erin even thought about putting a ring on her finger and I am sure the ceremony and day will go flawless just like everything else she has  ever had her hands on.

Congratulations to both of you Erin and Lindy!  

I guess the only question around The Buzz is who will be next?  Pat Bradley or David Bazzel?  According to the rumors on the Show With no Name my money is on Baz, but don't expect that to be a fall wedding either, those Saturdays are sacred in the south. 



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