SEC Finishes On Top.....Again

1/10/2012 7:19 PM

New Orleans, LA - I have a feeling that some time very soon the Arkansas Razorbacks will be celebrating a BCS National Championship if the BCS doesn't go through a complete overhaul before it gets to the game.  Some think that it could happen next year and the SEC will win number 7.  South Beach would be a nice place to go in January, although last week in Dallas could have passed for Miami if you were blindfolded.

Last night the SEC made history.  6 straight BCS National Championships in a row have been won by the SEC.  It also lost for the first time because it was SEC vs. SEC.  Alabama and LSU meeting for the title was not expected when the year started, but it was an ending that told the nation the dominant SEC was going no where anytime soon.  

To those fans in other conferences who thought the game was boring.  Would you rather see teams run up and down the field so fast that a NASCAR pit crew couldn't keep up or a bone rattling slugfest?  I wanted to see the slugfest.  Too bad LSU decided to leave it's offense 80 miles from the Superdome in Tiger Stadium.  What the Alabama defense did last night was awesome.  It had an answer for the option and the quick swing pass that LSU tried over and over again.

How dominating was the BAMA D?  LSU crossed the 50 yard line twice.  Once in their pregame warmups and then once in the game.  And some of the Tiger fans that saw them do it in the pregame were not around to see them do it during the game.  They were already on Bourbon street drowning their sorrows away.  

Alabama won their 14th National Title and their 2nd in 3 years.  I guess you have to say with what Auburn did last year, the state of Alabama is doing pretty good after winning the last 3 BCS Championships.  

Can Bobby Petrino get it done at Arkansas and get to the BCS National Championship game?  YES!  In the last two years the Hogs have only lost to a team that was ranked number 1 at some point in the season or when they played.  If the defense can play like it did against Kansas State and with the favorable schedule next year, it could be a very fun season.  One that could end close to the beach, South Beach, in the BCS National Championship game. 


Rocky (1/12/2012 5:48 PM)

Great article! I hope the Hogs can win it all soon.

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