This Time Blunder by Officials doesn't cost Arkansas the Game

1/22/2012 3:33 PM

If you are a Razorback fan, more times than not, you can find several times during a game where the officials made a bad call or might of hurt your teams chance at winning the game.  Let's get this out of the way early, officials are human and they make mistakes.

Think back to the Stan Heath days at LSU when Mike Jones hit a 3 pointer that gave Arkansas a lead and the win.  But upon further review Tom Eades went to look at the replay to see if his feet were behind the 3 point line.  They clearly were.  But what Eades also saw was Jones shuffle his feet before he took the shot.  Traveling is not a play that can be reviewed.  What happened later cost Eades 1 year of work in the SEC.  He said the basket was a 2 point basket because John Brady was in his ear about the traveling violation that was not called.  Arkansas would not win that game.

Sometimes the officials go by the book.  The Pyramid (Pigamid), in Memphis was hosting the SEC basketball tournament in 1997.  Arkansas was playing Georgia and after a timeout Andre Pitillo placed the ball on the court, after waiting on the Hogs to get on the floor, and started his 5 second count and the Razorbacks could not get the ball inbounds and turned it over to Georgia and lost the game by 2, 65-63.

This is just basketball.  I am not going to even bring up Marc Curles and the Arkansas - Florida football game in The Swamp in 2008, or the Arkansas - Auburn game in Jordan-Hare Stadium in 2010.

What happened yesterday in Fayetteville could have cost the Hogs the game against Michigan.  Ok, look, I know Arkansas won.  But if Trey Burke knocks down the 3 at the buzzer, Michigan would have won by 1.  

Let's go back to the flagrant foul by Zack Novak on BJ Young.  Young is injured on the play and is not able to shoot the shots from the free throw line.  Arkansas Head Coach Mike Anderson should have been able to choose any player on the team to shoot the 2 FT's.  That didn't happen.  Antonio Petty, Mike Thibodeaux, and John Hampton got it all wrong.  

John Hampton immediately called an intentional foul on Novak.  Then he and Petty went to the monitors and after 4 minutes or so, they let Michigan Head Coach John Beilein select from the 4 remaining players on the court for Arkansas to shoot the FT's for Young.  A complete error.  Beilein picked Ky Madden to shoot the FT's and he would miss both FT attempts.

In the NCAA Basketball rule book, Rule 8 - Free Throw, Section 2 Who Attempts, Art. 3. (Men) states, "When an injured player is unable to attempt a free throw try(s), one of the four remaining players on the playing court should be selected by the opposing coach to attempt the free throw try(s) unless the committed foul was either intentional personal or flagrant.  In such a case, the injured player's coach shall select any player or team member to attempt the free throw try(s)."

You can see for yourself that Petty, Hampton, and Thibodeaux were completely wrong.  They should be reprimanded and not allowed to work in the NCAA Tournament or any post season game this year. 

In the end it didn't hurt the Hogs in the game since Burke's 3 point shot at the buzzer rimmed out and Arkansas won 66-64.  But what if it would have gone in?

There would have been a lot of upset Razorback fans.


HogWalla (1/22/2012 11:11 PM)

BJ took a hella elbow to the head. My main concern is that he'll be ok going forward. As for the refs who had their heads up their butts and deferred to the opposing coach as to who HE wants shooting BJ's free throws-- They should have a dirty, nasty, game-used jockstrap pulled over their faces, and held in place with duct tape.

Stan Heath (3/9/2012 1:41 PM)

I quit!

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